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My Favorite Start Up Hacks #2

This is the second installment in a series. You can read the first installment, Introduction: My Favorite Start Up Hacks, by clicking on the link. Social media is an inexpensive, fast and effective way to reach a targeted audience for your start up.  At QuantumListing, the ones that I’ve decided to focus on are Twitter, Facebook […]


Series Introduction: My Favorite Start Up Hacks

This is the introduction to a series of posts detailing my favorite start up hacks. As a self-funded commercial real estate technology start up, every dollar is especially precious, because each dollar is my own. Although I have not yet asked for outside money, from my experience in real estate development, I would take the […]


New Feature: Buffer App

The Buffer app feature has finally been added to theBrokerList! Buffer allows you to share any content you want to all social media websites at one time! A huge thank you to Matthew Smith of REA for turning us on to Buffer and telling us about it. I use buffer so I can optimize our […]

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