Brent Sears CCIM (2)

How 2 Elbows + 5 Feet Saves Lives

Hopefully after reading this short blog you will share in my understanding how 2 elbows + 5 feet save lives.  Relax…..this is not an Algebraic equation! That’s right!……15 feet is the total length allowed for ducting a clothes dryer, to the exterior of a building envelope, per many building codes.  As my title suggests, and what you may not know, every elbow […]


4 Key Steps in Tenant Improvement Payouts

As an active landlord representative, my business model dictates that my services includes protecting my clients investment well after the tenant has executed their lease agreement. With a background of a general contractor for many years, I watch over the quality of construction, the full execution of construction documents and the distribution of construction funds […]

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