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Development Functions Using Argus

Development Applying costs associated with Construction and Development, in a financial model using ARGUS, can be looked at from three different view points; Hard/Construction Costs, Soft/Development Costs and Land/Acquisition Costs. In this area of your financial model is where all of these related costs are identified and tailored specifically to fit each unique project. This […]



ESCROW This is the beginning of a series on the many functions I find useful when financial modeling with ARGUS DCF and ARGUS Enterprise.  Applying escrow contributions and distributions in a financial model using ARGUS is relatively straight forward yet the results are very powerful. Giving each item a distinguished name (Structural Reserves, Capital Expenditures, […]


Why ARGUS® DCF is used by this Commercial Real Estate Broker

An ARGUS® DCF Power User Shares His Reasons Why ARGUS® DCF Should be used by Commercial Real Estate Brokers to create value and enhance their CRE business offerings. 1. ARGUS® is the industry standard for financial analysis. As a part of my business model I create investment proforma’s. I do this using ARGUS® DCF/ENTERPRISE 10.5. […]

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