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Kathryn FordKathryn Ford, Women’s Empowerment Expert, Founder, Excellence Institute

Sweet Surrender Of The Present Moment

As a young child I was fascinated by the life of Helen Keller. I remember learning about her and was in awe of her outlook on life despite her severely challenged body. She was a superstar to me then and still is today! Just as Helen Keller viewed her own blindness and deafness as an essential component to her calling in life, I too view my diagnosis as essential to me in the same way.

I would not be the person I am today if not for the personal experience of it. The diagnosis has shaped my life and has been the most significant element in my journey thus far. It has cultivated the essence of my true spirit and has most certainly allowed me to experience the Divine as a vessel of grace and optimism within my own life.

And as a result, my message is simple: Please don’t wait for permission to live life! The biggest regrets people have are the things we didn’t do. Our power to create a life of excellence is in this very moment; so make sure you give yourself permission to make the most out of each and every day. Let go of the worrying, let go of the regrets, let go of the fears that can be overwhelming in the midst of any challenge. Soak in what this present moment offers, and if you are struggling with a setback, be sure to move through any lingering remnants of grief or shock.

The gift of the present moment is the greatest gift of all, because in reality the present moment is all we have. The past is behind us and the future is yet to be, and all our power lies in this moment. Here in the now, we even have the power to affect our future. This is done through the thoughts we think, and the energy we release, into the now – that is where all creativity begins.

It is normal and important to feel our feelings, then move any negative energy out. Once we allow ourselves to feel our feelings to just be with them, sit with them, then we can move forward out of darkness. Allowing ourselves to see more of what is going on inside, leads us to the transformation and healing of our complete well-being. It is only after such processes that we are ready to find solutions to move forward.

Our Spirit knows infinitely more about the big picture of life, and I now know it is best when I can let go of the resistance to the events in my life, to find that place of peace inside and simply trust. Find a place of peace with Spirit, as it is paramount for our health and well-being. It is where the sweet spot in the Universe can be found.