Thanks to Peter Videv for posting this on his blog. It is nice to see a company stand up for such strong beliefs.

All Sperry Van Ness advisors have pledged the following:

To create and nurture a positive working environment and perform as a team member with accountability, responsibility and authority, I agree to lead and live by the following Core Covenants in everything I do with Sperry Van Ness:

  I place my client’s interest above my own and proactively cooperate with all Brokers and Agents.    I show respect and support to all.    I epitomize the first-class reputation and image of Sperry Van Ness.    I value the importance of physical and mental health, and involvement within my community in the support of a balanced and successful career.    I quickly resolve conflicts positively and effectively.    I am individually responsible for achieving my own potential.    I honor my commitments.    I dominate my Market Area and promote my specialty within the Firm.    My thoughts, actions and energies are focused on the positive and the possible.    I create amazing benefits for my clients, colleagues, and community.    I actively support non-profit organizations and aspire to contribute at least 1% of my annual income to these charities.
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