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When talking about storytelling to more effectively market your real estate business, we’re referring to painting a picture for existing and potential clients, not telling fibs. Regardless of your writing ability, effective marketing has to be enticing and compelling. By telling stories, you accomplish this goal.

As a professional real estate agent, you must become a master of storytelling. Keep in mind that this does not consist of elaborate stories that seem too wild to be true, even if they are, but stories that create visions. For example, if you have a listing in a particular neighborhood, you want to paint a picture for readers of your blogs by defining the home, community, and nearby businesses. You want readers to envision everything you write about.

For instance, when describing a luxurious home in your listing, be specific. For this, you can create a listing that depicts sophistication through marble flooring, granite countertops, custom cherry-wood kitchen cabinets, and a quiet cul-de-sac location. You can also mention how the current price of the home has been dramatically reduced from the original listing price.

For that same home, you then want to tell a story about the community itself. For this, you can tell readers that the home sits within a high-end golf community, and talk about nearby parks, lakes, resorts, restaurants, retail shops, and more. Overall, the more information you can share in a story-like way, the more captivating your blog will be.

In order to be a great storyteller as part of your real estate business, it is imperative that you actually walk through each listing and spend an hour or so in every community. Experiencing the sights and sounds first-hand makes it easier and more effective to relay the information to clients.

Just be sure your blogs are not too flowery, and always base your stories on facts. The goal is to capture and keep the reader’s attention so you get a showing and prove that what you said was right by taking the client around the community. This builds trust and long-lasting relationships.

To become an effective storyteller, put yourself in the place of the buyer. Consider the types of descriptions and information that you would want and need in making an informed decision. You want to provide clients with something they can almost touch in their mind. After you tell a story about a particular property, the buyer should be able to close his or her eyes and see the place as described.

The bottom line is that being a great storyteller gives you the ability to reach a much broader audience, while also reaching the very people you want targeted.

Some people have a natural gift of writing, so for them, storytelling is easy. However, if you are among the other group of people who struggle with writing, we invite you to rely on our professional writing service at The News Funnel.

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