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Annually, millions of square feet of commercial real estate with a price tag in the billions is purchased, sold, or leased. However, prior to closing on any deal, real estate brokers spend countless hours matching the right individual or company to the right property. In some cases, the broker has the opportunity of using a network of contacts when looking for interested investors, but usually, they depend on marketing properties to potential clients who may or may not even be looking for space to buy, sell, or lease.

As stated by Bill Gladstone, sales agent with NAI/Commercial-Industry Realty Co., marketing is exposure to property. Therefore, the goal of real estate brokers is to find that greatest number of buyers or tenants within the shortest amount of time. To meet this goal, exposure helps.

Interestingly, there are many different forms of standout marketing campaigns. Thanks to innovative technology, properties are now marketed via websites, CD-ROMs, and broadcast emails, among other techniques. As imagined, the level of effectiveness varies greatly, but in general, commercial real estate brokers achieve success when creating standout materials specific to their market niche. By using technology, you benefit by saving time while still producing an outstanding finished product.

  • CD-ROM—With the assistance of a true professional, you can create a powerful CD-ROM that draws the attention of people and contains vital images and information typically found in a brochure. Potential buyers, sellers, and tenants find CD-ROMS easier to deal with, which means that while doing other things, they can pop it into the computer and at minimum, listen. Think of a CD-ROM as an extension of your marketing program.

  • Centralized Source—You might also consider using a centralized source for investors who show interest in the portfolios of clients. By using a dedicated website, you have the ability to choose information to include in your campaign, as well as the best way to present it.

In this day of modern technology, many real estate brokers turn away from print campaigns, but in reality, this can be extremely helpful. For direct mail to work, you need to make changes to the traditional approach that most brokers take. The problem is that direct mail requires a significant amount of time.

Therefore, consider using a software program that allows you to make quick and easy changes. Ultimately, you end up with consistent-looking fliers in a very short amount of time. Even if the number of inquiries is not substantial, spending less time makes direct mail a viable marketing strategy.

Be sure that you have some control over who receives the direct mail. Rather than sending information out randomly, focus on past and potential clients, as well as the types of properties they’re interested in. Ultimately, this will save you a tremendous amount of time, as well as money spent on materials.

As a real estate broker, you have to be creative when going up against today’s tough competition. Whether this involves using programs and systems created by others or learning to be more effective in blog writing, now is the time to be creative. If you need help with writing blog content, The News Funnel offers an outstanding team of professional writers.

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