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First Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Marketplace Partner at tBL

Why is this amazing? It is amazing because we actually had one of our valued commercial real estate brokerage members, Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial, ask us how they could do even more to showcase their “Advisors”!!

For the Sperry Van Ness organization, they title their brokers as “Advisors,” to reflect the critical relationship with their clients, in advising them about key decisions they need to make. And at Sperry Van Ness | SouthLand Commercial, they could be called [and sometimes are] “Amazing Advisors,” as they have assembled an elite team of the most outstanding and driven advisors in the Northern Florida markets of Pensacola, Tallahassee, Panama and Destin!

So, when our marketing contact at Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial, Joshua Lyons, asked us how they can do even more to bring their incredible team of Advisors to the front of the pack, and join the tBL Marketplace Partner program, we were blown away! We have members who are technology companies, attorneys, IT services and many other companies who cater to the commercial real estate industry and want to make folks aware of their products; but one of our own broker members wanting to be on both sides of our site, was astounding to us.

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The leaders of Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial are aggressive in a good way about marketing their Advisors and bringing attention to each and every one of them. Whether it be through blogging, encouragement to use Twitter, assistance with doing podcasts or whatever it takes, they are getting the job done. Although this was a tricky maneuver because they have 4 locations (Pensacola, Tallahassee, Panama City & Destin) and many Advisors, we were able to adapt our Marketplace area to showcase the company, the offices and the Advisors, so they all can be part of history here at tBL, and be the first and only commercial real estate company to step up to the plate and ask for additional exposure.

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Joshua Lyons is no rookie when it comes to ramping up his website traffic and grabbing as much market share as possible, and Josh really outdid himself on their Marketplace Partner page. He put together a wonderful introduction about this firm and enhanced it by also showing recently closed deals! The page is amazing and you really need to see what a great job he did here. He has been working on the Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial team now for over a year, and has dramatically increased the exposure for this organization through many marketing tactics which benefit his Advisors, including the team blogging he coordinates for his Advisors.

As we all know, this type of dedicated marketing comes from the top down, and the Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial leadership is fully on board with pushing marketing and sales in their organization, and it really shows. So, for this group, the leadership is amazing as well as their entire team. Here is what some of their valued clients have to say about the Advisors at Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial:

Preston Murphy Sperry Van Ness SouthLand Commercial Real Estate  Google Review

Michael Carro Sperry Van Ness   SouthLand Commercial Real Estate  Google Review

Glen Miley Sperry Van Ness SouthLand Commercial Real Estate Google

We are so super proud to introduce our very first commercial real estate brokerage Marketplace Partner at theBrokerList and we hope you join us in this welcome and reach out to them to make a deal. I know you will be impressed with them and their entire team.

Sperry Van Ness Southland Commercial

About Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial No one covers commercial real estate in northwest Florida like SVN | SouthLand Commercial. With offices in Tallahassee, Panama City, Destin and Pensacola, and more than 1,000 property listings, our 30 advisors offer unmatched experience and access to the market. Our advisors are industry thought leaders, sharing regular blog posts that center around their areas of specialization. Their specializations include office, industrial, retail, hotel, restaurant, apartment, land, development, investment, business brokerage and specialty.

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