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How much is the average sales development representative salary (SDR)? How much should pay for someone to generate and qualify sales leads and help you close deals? An SDR is your cold calling campaign manager to whom you can give duties of developing sales leads. This gives you the time to work on the most important parts of your business, such as closing deals. While pay rates may vary, below is an overview of sales development representative salary and commission ranges, as well as duties which you may expect an SDR to perform. 

What is the Role of a Sales Development Representative (SDR)

A Sales Development Rep (SDR) uses innovative ideas and solid methods of generating leads and ensuring that appointments are made with the salesperson. They can be a key player in helping a company grow by nurturing and developing a sales pipeline. The job duties of an SDR in Commercial Real Estate will likely include:

– Meeting and exceeding monthly/quarterly/yearly numbers for new leads

– Setting a certain number of appointments in a specified time period

– Managing and facilitating feedback

– Organizing referrals and promotions

– Researching and developing new ways to generate leads

The type of person who makes a good SDR will have a certain set of traits. Traits may include an eagerness to learn, being a good listener, the ability to work at a fast pace, assertiveness, and also inspiring teammates with their new ideas and ways of thinking.

Preferred experience for an SDR will include Commercial Real Estate Industry knowledge, experience using a CRM, and experience with sales calls and lead generation. Training in the relevant area, such as a degree in Sales or Real Estate training is a plus.

Sales Development Representative Salary and Commission

The salary range of an SDR varies, however, it may include salary, commission, and company equity depending on the age and structure of the organization.

Benefits may include a 401K, health plan, and paid vacation time. The nationwide average is around $41,000 per year with the minimum being $30,000 per year. Commission rates can also vary dramatically but average $2,500 to $25,000 and bonuses can vary between $2,000 and $20,000 per year.

Disclaimer: The salary and commission rates of an SDR may vary by job and area. This is due to levels of experience, education, and local economic factors from state to state.


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