The month of June has been a home run for us here at theBrokerList. We met and spoke to Stuart Hodes, one of the leaders of the Retail Bus Tour and also were able to feature 2 of our esteemed and highly talented tBLers, Palmer Bayless and Shannon Martin, who are also participating in an upcoming Retail Bus Tour of West Metro Atlanta! Geesh, we have been busy. Both Palmer and Shannon were featured brokers as part of our new collaboration with You can see their profiles and mini-pitches here too!

Anyway, this entire idea of a Retail Bus Tour, is not a new concept when you strip it down to the fundamentals, but it is a new concept when you couple it with today’s communication platforms and the power of virtual networking and online collaboration via websites. The bottom line is that no matter what market you are in, you have to know the product and know it cold. You have to know your competition and how you stack up. From a manager, leasing agent, broker, developer, or potential user, the concept of a big bus coordinating a market tour is the perfect tool to execute this time consuming and difficult task.

With a big bus, escort and coordinated appointments and schedules, the Retail Bus Tour does ALL of the heavy-lifting for you. You can just get on the bus and go! Plus you get the vitally important exposure via networking all in one glorious ride. No fumbling with notes and driving and cell phones and water bottles, etal… Just get on the bus and go.

And of course, coordinating all of those properties at the perfect time is huge.

One of our very own tBL members, Palmer Bayless is the Regional Director for Retail Bus Tour (RTB) and we are proud to share the news of the next upcoming tour, which happens to be his tour of West Metro Atlanta. We contacted to ask him for some feedback on this concept.

“I am proud of my affiliation with the Retail Bus Tour in Georgia.  This mobile event provides the attendees with a highly successful way to network together, promote themselves, and educate each other about the metro Atlanta retail markets.  I haven’t seen anything nearly as efficient or effective, while also affordable for all parties involved.” ~~Palmer Bayless

In addition, another one of our members, Shannon Martin is also participating in the tour as a Moderator! We asked Shannon what she thought.

“The Atlanta Retail Bus Tour is a fantastic day of networking and education about the markets! I have attended every tour and each one has introduced me to new people and new opportunities. I am really excited to moderate the July 18th tour for Palmer Bayless.” ~Shannon Martin

To attend or participate as a sponsor in the next RTB event, please click here for more information.

Source: West Metro Atlanta Retail Bus Tour

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