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So why were we hesitant to consider ReinID as a Marketplace and Technology Partner for tBL? Because none of our team members were educated on this topic and we knew nothing about it. We were skeptical.

When we first met the team at ReinID and they explained what they were doing, we were not really sure it would be a good fit for our members. Yes!! Believe it or not, we were totally clueless and unaware of the power of what incentives where about and if our members would even care. Well after extensive deliberation and study we now have a totally different view of this often overlooked aspect of commercial real estate.

The truth is that historically speaking, and true today, most brokers are unfamiliar with incentives because the sources of data, analytics and online mapping systems are disjointed, scattered and costly – that is, until now. ReinID realized that bringing incentives under one roof opens many doors for developers, investors, real estate professionals and local communities. Once we learned more, we were hooked! We wanted our members and the public searching our members’ properties to find the information they needed and fast!

ReinID Incentives

At a minimum, brokers only need to realize that incentives get deals closed; therefore, ReinID’s incentive platform meets those needs and helps buyers raise capital. Attaching several incentives to your listing inventory gives your real estate website an extreme market advantage because it opens the door to a deep market of sophisticated buyers. For agents and brokers who want more information about incentives, ReinID also has a growing network of incentive professionals and materials to help.

Brokers only need to realize that incentives gets deals closed. Click To Tweet

So once we understood the power of matching incentives to our members’ listings, we were definitely on board. As you can see below, every HAVE post entered on tBL is connected to the powerful ReinID cloud services.

This detail outlines how incentives can help.

Le Girago Restaurant 1710 2nd Avenue Rock Island IL 61201

By connecting these 2 databases, we are able to share information that was not possible before. No other online community, besides theBrokerList has this data available at no cost to its members.

ReinID is hoping that the commercial real estate industry begins to learn that this information is available to them for their own databases too! With the power of the ReinID API, anyone can power this data to their listing database as well.

Here are a few testimonials from respected commercial real estate professionals:
Jeff Auslander



I have been a real estate developer for more than four decades specializing in low- and moderate-income housing as well as workforce housing and specialized housing for the elderly. Most recently I have found the ReinID website to be most helpful in determining targeted incentives that are available to me for planned developments. It has been quite difficult, as well, to find a source of demographic and geo-mapping data that highlights optimum sites in census tract locations. ReinID has succeeded in assembling an array of valuable information “under one roof” so-to-say. The site is user-friendly and is continually updated to provide the most current data that becomes available. ~Jeff Auslander, Sumter Partners

Dave Cattell

As a co-founder of a commercial real estate website focused on retail and restaurant real estate, I’ve developed a close working relationship with members of the ReinID team over the past several years. We’ve shared many industry observations and closely monitored progress towards our goals. The ReinID SaaS is uniquely positioned in the CRE Tech ecosystem. I believe they offer a service that fills a very clear need and solves a big problem for real estate developers and property owners. I expect the service will be well received as it gets further developed and marketed widely across the U.S. I’m impressed with what the ReinID team has accomplished and that they have worked with a clear common purpose, setting aside any distractions and focusing on their common goals. I strongly believe in what this team can and will no doubt accomplish as first-movers in their tightly focused area of expertise. ~David Cattell, Co-Founder

I am a scholar in residence at the NYU Stern School of Business where I guest lecture undergraduate and MBA courses on commercial real estate transactions from a legal, finance and tax perspective. I have co-authored with Professor Calderon of NYU Stern a comprehensive article on EB-5 financing which was published in 2015 by the NYU Stern Center for Real Estate Finance Research and was the subject of an EB-5 Summit. I have been a developer and consultant in the real estate industry for 30 years. Mike and Roman of ReinID have been instrumental in assisting my research and writing on an upcoming major paper relating to the EB-5 reauthorization and reform legislation. Their expertise in analytics and application of data relating to commercial real estate incentives is outstanding. I am not aware of any other company that provides the range of analytics of government incentives. I find their services and products invaluable. ~Gary F. Arbor Hills Realty, Inc.

My name is Richard Crotty and I serve as Principal of Richard Crotty Consulting Group, LLC, where I advise a number of clients in the areas of marketing and new business development. My experience is diverse having served in both the public and private sectors. I served in the Florida House of Representatives, Florida Senate, as Orange County Property Appraiser, and was appointed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush as Orange County Mayor. Working in many levels of government leadership, one of the key issues I was focused on was addressing how to spur economic growth by creating, preserving and expanding value employment. I was attracted to ReinID as a result of its product to identify real estate incentives. With the right network, ReinID can fundamentally change how incentives are reported, identified and used, therefore creating a more efficient economic development system. I enthusiastically support ReinID as a valuable tool to expand economic opportunity. ~Richard Crotty

Please stop by the new ReinID Marketplace Partner page here and also to look at your HAVE listings to see what real estate incentives may be applicable to your properties.

Real Estate Incentives

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