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There are hundreds upon hundreds of real estate brokers who now blog. Some of these professionals blog in addition to selling real estate, but others focus solely on blogging. In either case, you have the opportunity to gain valuable information about residential, commercial, and industrial real estate markets from people who have knowledge and experience.

If you are a real estate professional, a broker-turned-blogger is your best option for finding compelling, accurate, and current information that can be applied to your work. Some of the blogs mentioned are written by just one real estate broker while some are written by multiple professionals in the industry.

  • The Real Estate Bloggers – This blog was started in 2005 by Tom Royce. At that time, real estate was booming. His blogs provide an analysis of the market for real estate professionals, buyers, sellers, and investors.
  • InfoCentral – This is the official blog of the National Association of Realtors, or NAR. As such, you will find a wealth of information and resources.
  • Bloodhound Realty – These bloggers are also Phoenix-based agents who provide tips on things like relocations, investments, buying, selling, and much more.
  • Housing Wire – Ranked among the best blogs written by real estate professionals, this site offers outstanding financial news specific to the mortgage market. In addition, the bloggers create content pertaining to breaking news. What makes this particular blog different is that each of the real estate brokers has a unique personality and approach to writing.
  • Life as Real Estate Investors – Although Julie and Dave are investors in the real estate industry as opposed to brokers, their blog is worth reading. The duo shares helpful investing tips, advice on marketing, information for property management, and more. They also share lessons about successes and failures during their time in real estate.
  • Housing Kaboom – Written by Golfer X, this California blogger is known to be an exceptional real estate market watcher. He not only blogs on recent sales within the area but offers lessons about pricing and more.
  • Prime Property – In addition to being a real estate agent in Texas, Nancy Samoff is an outstanding blogger who covers categories for restaurant, retailer, and home buying and selling.
  • REThink Real Estate – Along with being a real estate broker, Tara-Nicholle Nelson is an attorney and accredited buyer’s representative. Her blog is designed to help women learn the right way of using real estate to prosper and grow. She often writes about smart selling and smart buying.
  • Think Glink – Llyce Glink’s Real Estate Matters blog currently appears on and in more than 100 sites and newspapers. As a real estate professional, her primary focus is on buying, selling, financing, refinancing, insurance, vacation homes, second homes, investment, renovation, and new home construction.

If you work as a real estate broker and want to start a blog, it is very doable. By creating personal and business blogs that reveal your personality and areas of expertise, your online presence will grow. If you need help getting started, our team of writers at The News Funnel possess the expertise to assist with both content writing and blogs.

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