There’s an old spanish proverb that states, “Each mind is its own world”.  Digsy AI has assembled a brilliant team of designers and developers to create the platform that you know and love.  But, we cannot begin to fathom all of the different approaches that each broker will use in their daily workflow.  

This is why, we’ve taken the popular tagging feature and maximized its potential. Our newly upgraded tagging allows you to efficiently  group and organize multiple prospects at once. You can create as many tags to streamline your workflow.  Tagging was already incredibly powerful in a singular form.  Now it’s been multiplied to meet the demands of even the most prolific prospectors.

1. Select the contacts you’d like to tag and click “Add Tags”

2. Click the “+” button to add your tag(s) and hit enter

NOTE: You can manually add tags to your contacts one-by-one directly from the Contact’s Profile. Click here to learn how.

1. Hit the “SEARCH” button on your Digsy AI Dashboard

2. Click the “TAGS” drop down menu

3. Select or type the specific tag you’re searching for

That’s it – you now have the power to quickly organize and search your group of contacts!

You can sign up for a free trial at and get started for free.

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