As a brokerage firm, we have been disappointed with some of the attorneys reviewing our client’s leases. Why would this be? An attorney is an attorney, right? So you’d think. But you would be wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Assuming all attorneys are alike is no different than asking your gynecologist to help you diagnose a rare skin disease. Not all doctors are the same and neither are all attorneys.

As a tenant advocate, we do a lot of work upfront to protect our client. Then we find ourselves in situations where the lease is not reviewed by the attorney, or if it is, it is done by some ‘fill-in-the-blank’ attorney who is not really paying attention. Many people assume they don’t need an attorney with tenant experience and hand the lease off to any old person. That is where our clients lose protection. All the work we have done upfront can be tarnished by a lease that is unread. We always want to ensure our tenant’s leases are fair. To help, we have put together a form of items that should be reviewed by your attorney for every lease. While we are not attorneys ourselves, we have managed over 1,000 office leases and I will go on record as saying that my insight and experience is a lot more relevant than that of an attorney who took one semester of real estate law back in law school. If you do not plan to hire a tenant advocate who is going to look after your firm’s rights, than please, do yourself a favor and always hire a real estate attorney!

Source: Compass Commercial Blog

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