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  • Costs Remain Stable and Predictable – Leasing costs involve a predictable periodic outlay of cash. There are no surprise expenses.
  • Flexibility to expand, contract and move.
  • Source of Financing – Leasing provides 100% financing while most borrowing requires a down payment.
  • Additional Tax Deductions – Lease payments are fully tax deductible and reflect rent paid for both the land and structures. An owner of real estate cannot deduct the land portion of the investment. In a triple net lease the tenant can also deduct operating expenses.
  • Financial Flexibility– Leasing frees up cash that can be used to invest in the business for things such as inventories, salaries and equipment.
  • Location – Leasing allows a tenant to be in a premier location that they might otherwise not be able to afford.
  • Technology – Leasing allows a user to respond to technological changes more quickly by having the ability to quickly move to a more high tech building.


  • Appreciation – Tenants cannot take advantage of property appreciation.
  • Control – Leasing does not allow control of other tenants. In a multi-tenant property new neighboring tenants might not conform to the image the lessee is trying to project or may simply be “bad neighbors”.
  • Cost – For a business with strong earnings, good access to financing and the ability to take advantage of the tax benefits of ownership, leasing is often a more expensive alternative. Individuals and small firms often find that the costs of leasing and buying are relatively equal.
  • Alterations – The landlord may want to make cost saving alterations benefitting the landlord that may disrupt the tenant’s business.
  • Operational Control – Tenants have no control over amenities, management personnel, etc.
  • Equity – At the end of a long term lease a tenant walks away with nothing while an owner would have been building equity.

Any tenant considering whether to lease or purchase should consult a commercial real estate broker. A competent broker can perform a detailed lease versus buy analysis to assist the client in making the most cost effective solution.

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