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If you are using Gmail or Microsoft Outlook continue reading.

Over the years I have used most of the contact relationship management systems on the market including, ACT!, Goldmine, Realhound, REA, Salesforce and Clientlook.

All do a good job of saving contacts and keeping a history of your communications. Most have some integration with either Gmail or Outlook.

The problem with all contact management systems is getting your contacts into the system.

It does not matter which CRM you use if the data is not entered into your database.

One of my current projects is to automate my entire lead capture and contact management process.

I receive tons of emails everyday and don’t have time to manually enter these contacts into my contact relationship management system.

What is Evercontact?

Evercontact analyzes email signatures in your incoming email, then registers (and constantly updates) this valuable contact info directly into your address book.

I personally use Gmail and have been using Evercontact with my Gmail account.

I have not tested the Outlook version, but based on the information on the Evercontact website the process and results should be similar.

How does Evercontact Work?

Evercontact captures contacts from your email inbox. They offer both a manual process to capture contact information as well as an automated process that imports all of your new email contacts into your address book.

Manual Process

This is one of the features offered in the free version of the product.

Evercontact provides an easy way to both highlight and capture any contact within an email message or signature. Just highlight the contact info and click one button and they will import the information into your address book.

This works well when you receive a lead from Loopnet.com for example. The import is not perfect, but overall they do a good job of getting the information in the correct fields. They do have an edit button if the capture misses a field.


Automated Process

The magic happens when you use their paid version.

They offer two cool features. The first automatically scans all of your emails daily and imports new contacts into your address book. Each contact is tagged so you can quickly see which contacts have been imported.


But what about the thousands of contacts you missed over the years? They have a great feature called Flashback that goes back through five years of emails and imports all of the contacts you missed.

I tried the free version for two weeks and then upgraded to the paid version to automate all of my emails. I used Flashback to go back one year and added 450+ missing contacts from the past year to my Gmail contacts.

Syncing Gmail to your CRM

Evercontact is working great getting contacts into my Gmail contacts. But my goal is to seamlessly move these contacts into my CRM.

At this time, I’m using Clientlook and trying another product called Nimble.com. I have not used the sync function with Clientlook yet, but they do provide a sync function with Gmail.

Nimble has a simple one click button that allows me to import all of my Gmail contacts into Nimble. Evercontact is working on adding Nimble to their list of integration partners, so this step should be automated in the future.

Is Your Information Secure?

According to Evercontact:

  1. No human has access to the contents of your email.
  2. A computer program receives a copy of your incoming mail. Our detection system looks through your messages to find contact details and then links them to a signature which we then update in your address book.
  3. After this process, the system deletes the working copy of your email within our system, though we do conserve “snippets” of the email signature so we can compare future changes to your contacts’ details.
  4. Our business model is providing you with a high quality service, so we will never sell or use your contact or your contacts’ information in any way.


About Evercontact

Evercontact is the flagship product of Kwaga, an up-and-coming French startup launched in 2009 The company is headquartered in France and offers great customer support. All of my inquiries were handled quickly in English via email.

You can get a free trial or purchase the program for $59.

I have provided two links if you would like to purchase Evercontact.

One is the Referral version, which – at no additional cost to you – will put a little money in my pocket. I’d appreciate you using these links if you’re comfortable with it. A little extra income makes it easier for me to test out software and keep bringing you all the information on this site.

If you’d prefer not to, that’s fine: I’ve also offered a “direct” link to the product. If you click on this, I won’t receive any affiliate income. Either way, you’ll go straight to the product page.

Referral Link

Direct Link

If you decide to try it out let me know what you think.




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