Yes people really do check you out! When somebody wants to do business with you believe it or not one of the first things they do today is go online and try to find you and look you up on LinkedIn. When looking you up on theBrokerList out of all your websites think about it, how do you look? Are you doing a great job? Are you rocking it or are you sucking it? I’m not trying to be crude here but trying to paint a picture to you of how stupid you look if you don’t have an image or logo or your profile is incomplete or you don’t have a minipitch or you don’t even say what you are doing and what your accomplishments are. Also, what affiliations and organizations do you belong to?

What geography is your true focus? What property segment are you an expert with? If you try to be all things to all people, nobody will hire you, unless you are a generalist in a geographic market. In that case you need to explain that as well. The first thing people look for is somebody who is the best in a certain space or industry. Be that person by describing what YOU excel at.

All of this matters on your profile and brings credibility to your image into your brand. If your image is blank and your brand is blank what does it say about your company? If your company is not making sure that they look good on all of the sites in all of the social media platforms that’s a reflection on them. So if you really want to rock it, you want a really rock solid profile and not suck it, so that means do a really good job, don’t be lazy, and complete your profile.

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