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JMA Enhances Stadiums’ Coverage in Rome with New XRAN Platform

The demand for better wireless connectivity exists anywhere people can use mobile devices, and sports arenas are no exception. Brazilian telecom provider TIM recently answered this demand at two high-traffic sports stadiums in particular—Olympic Stadium in Rome and Dacia Arena in Udine—when it premiered 4.5G capacity, which is essentially wireless technology that’s more advanced than 4G, but not 5G just yet—a composition of enhanced LTE technologies including tighter cellular and Wi-Fi integration, massive carrier aggregation, device-to-device communications and more. TIM deployed the 4.5G capacity using JMA’s XRAN virtualized RAN platform.  


The virtualized mobile network solution, which is fully operational and has been integrated into the TIM live network, is an important evolution of the 4.5G network in both of the A-series venues. The solution has doubled mobile connectivity while guaranteeing reduced operating costs through a smaller footprint, lower consumption and simpler installation compared to traditional equipment.  


JMA's XRAN platform

By collaborating with JMA Wireless on innovative solutions, TIM reinforced its technological leadership and was able to provide high level digital experiences and high quality to its customers—particularly the fans who crowd Italian soccer stadiums. 


Fans’ attending events at these venues will enjoy double the performance enabling top level digital experiences,” JMA Wireless Corporate Vice President, Product and Market Strategy Todd Landry told Connected Real Estate Magazine. “Enhanced wireless connectivity enables richer engagements such as providing real-time player stats and game data, 360° HD video, virtual reality, and location-based offers and promotions. 


By virtualizing the access network, TIM has also reinforced its commitment to the evolution toward 5G by ensuring efficiency and flexibility as the company provides new digital services. Real time products such as the aforementioned 360° HD video can increase the interaction between spectators and the in-stadium environment, ensuring maximum navigation performance within apps and social tools as thousands of mobile users communicate simultaneously 


The XRAN virtualized software system JMA Wireless developed was designed to optimize the digital experience of more than 70,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The system’s seamless integration with the existing mobile network of TIM allows XRAN to significantly reduce the footprint and power requirement of the equipment while optimizing the conditioning systems.  


We enjoy collaborating with TIM to demonstrate our XRAN software technology,” Landry told Connected.  TIM is focused on transforming their network in preparation for 5G and continues its technology innovation leadership. 


The feeling appears to be mutual, as TIM has expressed its happiness with how well JMA’s XRAN solution has worked to enhance the fans’ stadium experience. 


We are very satisfied with the transformation of stadium capacity with the XRAN solution and the benefits we have been able to experience in the field,” Domenico Angelicone, TIM’s Head of Access Network Technology said in a release. “This is another important milestone in the process of transforming our evolution toward 5G through virtualized software solutions. The ability to manage and reduce complexity improves customer value and network quality in an economically efficient way, paving the way for the new 5G digital services, such as immersive and virtual reality services.”  


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These are the first two large stadium networks transformed by XRAN and integrated into the TIM live network,” Andrea Casini, SVP, International Business and Technology at JMA Wireless said in a statement. “(This) further demonstrate(s) that XRAN software technology is ready for expansion and offers huge benefits to network operators, in terms of operational saving, and to their customers, in terms of improving the quality they enjoy.” 

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