I am an avid note-taker.  I have wanted to go paperless in my note-taking for some time.  Recently I discovered a product that allows me to achieve my paperless goal.

reMarkable Tablet

The reMarkable Tablet is my product of choice in regards to digital notetaking.

User Tips

  • The reMarkable Tablet comes with a quick guide. Follow that and you should be off to a good start.
  • Pushing the silver button at the top puts the tablet in sleep mode. Holding it downturns it on and off.
  • At the bottom of the tablet, there are 3 buttons. The middle button gets you to your files. The button on the right advances to the next page or creates a new page if you are at the end of a notebook. The button on the left goes to the prior page.
  • It comes with a regular USB power plug for easy charging.
  • Make sure to download the app on your phone and on your desktop. Everything nicely syncs together so you always have access to your notes whether you are on your computer or phone.
  • Keep in mind the desktop app is what is used to import pdfs. This is handy if you want to use your tablet to markup letters of intents, brochures, and other files.
  • When you are in notetaking mode, there is a little circle on the upper left. This is where you can change the style of your writing device (pen, marker, pencil, highlighter).
  • Below where you can change from pen to pencil, there are 3 lines. The 3 lines allow you to change the thickness.
  • And below that, there is an eraser. There are 3 options on the eraser.

Using the marker as an eraser, erase selection which allows you to draw a box around what you want to erase, and erase all that erases the whole page.

  • If you have multiple pages in a notebook and you erase all, it only erases all on that one page.
  • If you accidentally erase and want to go back to not erasing, there is an undo button that has an arrow to the left under the magnifying glass. Then the button below that with the arrow to the right is the redo button.
  • At the bottom below the redo, button is a button with a square and arrow. This is where you can go to email your notes to yourself as a pdf. You can also convert to text but unless your handwriting is amazing, I recommend skipping that feature.
  • When using the marker, it is good to remember to press and hold and not to tap. Sometimes if you tap what you want to happen may not happen.

Quick Summary

The reMarkable Tablet allows me to be paperless in my work as a commercial real estate broker.  Anything I would have used paper for, I can now use the reMarkable Tablet.  Instead of having to scan my notes to get them into my computer, I can easily email a pdf of my notes I take on the reMarkable Tablet, from the reMarkable Tablet, which allows me a simple and viable method of being organized and paper-free.  I can also always have access to my notes on the go by using the reMarkable Tablet Mobile App.

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