Say what? Yes, 455 of us joined this webinar yesterday. Sounds amazing, but there is obviously something to Linkedin that we were all eager to learn. Even today, we are receiving calls and requests to get a recording of this historic event for #CRE. Thanks to REA and Matthew Smith and his team for bringing all of us together. Barbi Reuter, Allen C. Buchanan, Linda Day Harrison and Matthew Smith organized and strategized on what we wanted to take-away from this type of training. With all of our colleagues in mind, we developed questions and formulated a plan to host this webinar at no cost to our members and colleagues, with the generous support of REA and their webinar infrastructure.

Matthew Smith connected with Yuahnnes Watts, who generously donated his time to get in front of this powerful audience! That is the amazing story out of this entire experience. Yuhannes met Matthew on Linkedin and over a several month process in getting acquainted, Yuhannes leveraged Linkedin to present his take on why Linkedin is such a powerful and useful tool for anybody in sales or marketing, but especially for the industry of commercial real estate. Let’s face it, everybody on Linkedin needs office, retail and industrial, real estate and why not tap into the power of connections and relationships with today’s new virtual networking world.

This is NOT social media people. This is the power of information and being informational. If you are not using Linkedin you are not out there to be found!

Your presence on social networks is your personal brand. Make sure your avatar/profile picture reflects the image you want to project. Professionals want to do business with professionals. ~Barbi Reuter, PICOR

We are not talking about annoying people with cold-calling and cookie cutter spam.

Instead of that, become a CRE rockstar! No social media is better than bad social media! ~Allen C. Buchanan, Lee & Associates

If you do not have an online profile that demonstrates your skills, expertise and capabilities, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Focus on relationships, building value and remember that business is done on the prospects time clock… and not yours. ~Yuhannes Watts, Guaranteed Cleaning Services

The goal is to form bonds and build relationships.

Use common sense when using virtual networking tools like Linkedin. Be sure your profile is in top condition for exposure. You never know who is checking you out! ~Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList

Discipline is a huge driver in being successful in sales! Using Linkedin is not a magic bullet. If you are trying to grow your business and find the magic bullet to sales, it is not going to work. Make outreach and connections that bring results, Linkedin is the tool for you!

Slow down the process to speed up sales. ~Matthew Smith, REA, Inc.

Everybody in commercial real estate should take the time to watch and listen to this powerful and educational webinar. Thanks to REA for bringing all of us together to learn. For more information, feel free to connect with any of us on Linkedin: Matthew Smith, Barbi Reuter, Allen Buchanan or Linda Day Harrison!

Enjoy and we wish you much success in your marketing and outreach process to grow your cre business! Below you will see our Live Tweets as this event was held. Also, we have attached a handy Linkedin checklist for you too!

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