Thanks to the over 400 commercial real estate brokers who have joined our project – theBrokerList!! Taking baby-steps is what we are doing, and it is not easy. Our outreach is now needed from the over 400 on the list today to share with their Listing Secretary, Listing Administrator and Marketing Director to ask them to help us populate the list to provide greater coverage in our local and regional markets.


Today it is a small list, but it is a great representation of the United States, Canada and several other countries around the world. It will take more however, so please share this FREE resource with a colleague or at your next commercial real estate function. If you need to market to your colleagues, having a one-stop list is the way for us to go!


Again, thanks to our current members. Also, please tell us what more we can do. This is a basic concept at this time, but we want to do more in the area of automation to make this list a more powerful business tool. Add your comment here and tell us what more we can do to help you!

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