This is the fourth edition of Commercial Real Estate Is… and it focuses on organizations working with government, recognizing our people, we are so grassroots and thanking people goes a long way. This is what commercial real estate is!

The goal is to showcase all of the good about commercial real estate as an industry. It is dynamic, fast-paced and a real people job, and you will get a PhD in business if you stick with it long enough. I cannot say enough about this industry as a career path and I encourage young people to strongly consider it. Hope you enjoy this line up of creative ideas and great thoughts that you can take back to your office or market!!

Where Organizations and Governments Come Together



What other industry can you think of where you can network with colleagues AND the mayor of a city? Well it can happen when you are in commercial real estate AND it sure is happening in Las Vegas! I attended an amazing CREW Las Vegas luncheon, earlier this year and met the Mayor of the city! It was just as Las Vegas should be, fun, star studded and a great show! In commercial real estate, that happens. Looking to join your local organization, check out CREW Las Vegas. Your CREW national and local does some amazing things and you can get up close and personal with government leaders too!


Recognizing We Are About People


Progressive Real Estate Partners is always shining a light on their people’s achievements and that is important. Brad Umansky and his team celebrate their deals and are constantly acknowledging their team. It is so refreshing and I am amazed I do not see more of this! Keep up the good work Brad!






Commercial Real Estate is so Grassroots

The industry is so very close knit and so good about embracing new people as well! Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned professional you can find a group or an online community, like theBrokerList or the News Funnel or Real Estate Tech News or Official CRE // Tech and jump in and get involved. For instance, as a community of marketing professionals, we formed a monthly educational call entitled #CREMarketing. The group was founded by Sarah Malcolm, Joshua Lyons and Linda Day Harrison. Marketing professionals are identified through relationships and social media connections to participate in a one hour call each month. It is an amazing gathering and is totally free for those who join! Commercial real estate is so full of surprises! Watch Twitter for #CREmarketing hashtag and get noticed so you can get invited!

Commercial Real Estate People are so Kind and Appreciative

It is amazing how so many of us really appreciate any help we get from our colleagues and we show it! For instance, Stephanie Marthens of Lee &  Associates Orange is always thinking. She is so creative and is always going out of her way to say thanks to people! I notice that about people and she really shines. We have been syndicating her blog for the team and she decided to make a social card to thank us. We were so very impressed and want to thank her back of course! Way to go Stephanie! Your extreme politeness is so highly regarded and it is a great way for her to show her team blogs too!!!

Talk About Thanks!

There has been so much talk of heroism and human beings helping each other during the recent string of devastating hurricanes. I have to mention someone who I do not know, but I admire so much, Mark Kingston. Mark is a leader of the Pavonis Group who owns Realnex. He has been an amazing example of a person in our community who reached out with all of his being to help those in need after Hurricane Harvey. He risked his own life and spent his valuable time helping others, raising money, delivering supplies, like food and basic essentials to help others. I am in awe of this guy and say, thanks for making the commercial real estate industry look so good, by being an amazing humanitarian. Thanks for helping so many people in Texas. Your efforts are so admired.

Thanks for reading Commercial Real Estate Is…

I look forward to seeing so many of you at CRE // Tech in Los Angeles this week. I am just so super excited!!!






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