Commercial Real Estate Is... Teamwork and Creativity

This is the first edition of a new column I hope I can maintain (fingers crossed) and I am calling it “Commercial Real Estate Is… Teamwork and Creativity.”

There is so much going on with digital streams, blogs, images flying by us a thousand miles per hour and we are also busy trying to make a living. We just cannot take it all in. I see so much stuff I love and I want to share the best of the best that the industry has to offer.

The Dual Purpose of Commercial Real Estate Is…

The theme of this blog is a dual purpose and part of this was inspired by a post* I read recently, which you will read below! So my first reason is to show the amazing positive sides of our industry as a career for those who hesitate to consider it or who have never even heard of the myriad of diverse job profiles within the commercial real estate industry.

The second aspect to this blog is to lighten your day or week and end it with a positive note and give you some “call to actions” for yourself. These are the nuggets of gold I see day in and day out that just make me smile and cheer on those of you who make this stuff happen! We have to celebrate what is good!

So if you have done something good or you show me something good, I sure do want to share it and shout it to the rooftops!

It’s for the Greater Good of Commercial Real Estate*

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So What’s The Answer by Jeremy Neuer

A few weeks ago Matt Wassel wrote a blog entitled “Young Fish in an Aging Pond”, highlighting his analysis of the DNA of #CRE survey and pointed out the downside of our aging industry. Jeremy Neuer countered that blog with his own “call to action” blog for the entire industry titled “So, What’s The Answer”, which aims to improve the career path of commercial real estate brokers. Love these dueling blogs. I think Jeremy and Matt are on to something big here with this point, counterpoint!!! Love it.

Working Together On Whiteboard Shows Group Work And PartnershipTeamwork Does Exist in Commercial Real Estate

When There are No More Fish in the Fish Market, Go Fishing! by Joel Hutak and Phillip DeRousse

Stephanie Marthens is a marketing superstar who is dedicated to advancing her brokers. She is driven, detail oriented and has so much passion for this stuff it is quite amazing. Her objective is to get her brokers blogging. Stephanie is really getting the job done and has proven it with her phenomenal feat in getting two, yes, I said two brokers to actually blog as a team! Wow! What a genius idea. I just love this! Hats off to the blogging team of MidCounties Industrial Team, Joel Hutak and Phillip DeRouse for doing this and doing it so darn well. I guess it is true, two heads are better than one. Keep up the good work Mid Counties Industrial Team!!! Stephanie, you are rocking it for Lee and Associates Orange and it shows!

Brokers Who See Lemonade from Lemons Win!

Love Twitter and the amazing conversations. This is one of my favorites recently! Creative and witty and so spot on. This broker did not miss a beat with this comeback to Ashley Young (@AshleyYoungCRE) of Capstak. This comment is priceless! Good job Nick Terry of Caldwell Companies, Houston, Texas (@NickTerryCRE).


Never, ever give up

When you decide to start your commercial real estate business or you decide to really get serious about marketing yourself as a brand, do not think your name is taken or you cannot get it done because all of the good names are gone! This clever guy found his name and boy, did he get a good one! Welcome to the community Mike Porterfield (@TheCREBroker) of Tartan Properties (@TartanPropCRE).

So that is what made me smile and gave me inspiration. Hope it helps you and I really hope you follow or like or connect with the above folks via Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram too!

Enjoy the weekend and make it fabulous! Follow this series using hashtag #CommercialRealEstateIs.

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