A huge thanks to our CRE Marketing Team members, Kassandra Bruhn and her team of brokers, at Sperry Van Ness Partners Phoenix, Heather Sullivan and her team of brokers, at NAI Desco, St. Louis and Lucy Griffith and Dawn Bryant and their brokers of NAI Isaac, for suggesting this feature and working so hard to help us create and test it!

So what is the new feature?

Well if a company has a designated ADMIN (by request only!) and they wish to create a HAVE post with more than one broker, or a team of brokers, the ADMIN can now add more than one broker to that post. Each broker page will also display the HAVE post. In addition, when and if, the deal closes, each broker will also be able to display the closed deal on the TRANSACTION page as well. So if you have multiple brokers in your office and no official ADMIN, please let us know so we can provide that control to you or any broker that is in your office so they may add additional brokers to a single post!

How to Add Multi-Brokers

1. Open Control Panel

03.05.2014_Control Panel

2. Select the HAVE menu


3. Add or Edit a HAVE


3A. Upload Bulk HAVES

If uploading your HAVES via our .CSV spreadsheet template, the USERID must be separated by the vertical bar between each USERID. For example 557|798|456.

4. Assign the single broker or multi-broker to the HAVE


5. View Final HAVE with Multi-Broker


Photo credit: “Multi Ethnic Team During Meeting” by Ambro

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