The rules outlined on the easy-to-use Let’s Roam app were simple: complete the 1.5-mile course around Pensacola while answering questions and participating in challenging team building activities.

On a hot, sunny Friday afternoon down at the Pensacola Bay, the race was on. Beck Partners knows a thing or two about Pensacola real estate, but in the heat of competition (and the humidity of Florida), we still had to navigate our way around downtown.

We raced past the Pensacola Museum of Art, transformed from an old jail, learned about local musicians and took selfies at the Palafox Pier.

Between landmarks, we answered questions about our company’s core values. We reminded ourselves that we’re smart and fearless, but only one team on the company scavenger hunt could be victorious.

We earned points based on speed and accuracy answering questions. Each person on the team took on a role with its own set of photo challenges and trivia for extra points. We were snapping pictures of local animals and posing as statues, all while trying to be the very to the finish line.

Out of the four teams, Team Savage won handedly. But at the Seville Courtyard, we were all back together as Team Beck. Everyone on the staff agreed that this was one of the best team events we’d ever done. In fact, we’re going again this October but this time we’re bringing teams from Mobile and Tallahassee! We can’t wait to see what Let’s Roam has in store for us this time.

If you want to learn more about Let’s Roam team building scavenger hunts, go to They have hunts in over 300 locations around the world.