Let us say you hired an agent and they sent you a list of sites to consider and review. As the user or tenant, you review the list, make your choices, and you are ready to go. As the user or tenant, you notify your agent that you are available to see the selected sites as early as tomorrow morning. This might be how it works in residential real estate, but commercial real estate is a whole different ball game. Unfortunately, in commercial real estate, the listing agent has to show up for every showing and getting 6 listing agents to show up on time at a particular building can be challenging. We do not usually share this piece of information with our clients – but sometimes it helps for people to know what is going on behind the scenes when we tell them there is a reason why they cannot see a space right away. Just know: there is always a lot of coordination going on behind the scenes and aligning everyone’s schedules can be tough. The good news? Commercial spaces may take a bit longer to be shown, but they also do not fly off the market (subject to space type and market, conditions of course!) the way residential real estate does, so there is no need to worry if you cannot see a space you like right away as things like this really do take time!

Source: Compass Commercial Blog

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