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A Vistage Advisor introduced Misty to me back in 2016. Her business assists with elder care needs. Her firm needed
to double their space, and she gave me a 5-mile radius within which to locate a new building. She told me she
would be happiest if I could find her a space at M59 and Van Dyke in Utica. However, there are very few buildings
at this intersection, and none of them were for sale.

The first two prospective buildings we looked at appeared to be ok on the surface, but as we dug deeper, we found
issues with each of them. In the meantime, I kept my eye on the corner where she really wanted to be located.
Against all odds, one of the nicest buildings I’ve ever shown came on the market. Within 24 hours of the building
being listed, we had an offer out on it. We moved so quickly that no one else even got in the building to show it!
This was a fun project!

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