With the continued advances in technology and social media entrepreneurs are creating new ways to market commercial real estate (CRE) properties for brokers. These services range from free to paid and offer CRE brokers more opportunities to bring exposure to their listings reaching audiences they never did before. There is a downside though. As we know CRE brokers are always busy working on current deals and filling their pipeline so when a new listing service comes along they rush through entering their properties information sometimes just adding enough to give that site’s audience a brief overview of what is available. What brokers usually forget to do or skim over is their own profile on these sites.

I know it’s tough to find time throughout the day – even the week to dedicate an hour or more to manually enter every listing into all the various sites so to then take the time focus on one’s personal profile on each site is easy to skip. This is costing CRE brokers business!

Think about it. New innovated listing service site like,, or focus on a different targeted audience. The SEO of each site is maximized, casting a wide footprint of you and your listing across the web. When various landlords, businesses and even other brokers search and discover your listing and then check your profile to find out more about you if your profile is not complete… You just lost business. We know first impressions are everything in sales so why does your profile say missing in action?

Tips For Writing Your Profile

>Know the Audience

Speaking one day with Dave Cattell of regarding my own skipped profile, Dave gave me a great suggestion. Instead of just listing your expertise, years of service and a few of your ‘finer’ qualities make a pitch on what type of business you are seeking. As NewDirt is a site selection service for national and regional brands – if you are seeking to represent such tenants state that. Frame your profile around your experience in representing retail brands. This will create your call to action.

>Know Site’s Profile Type Format

Basically what I mean by this is know if you are able to use hmtl code to create hyperlinks or bold necessary text. Or is just plain text. If you have the option to use HTML – use it. Just don’t over use it. Just as too many hashtags in your tweets becomes annoying too many bold or italic words and hyperlinks overwhelm your profile and distract from your message. You do want to use them to improve your branding, SEO and gives prospective business a simple one-click way to reach out to you.

In Summary

Don’t be the missing profile on the back of the digital milk carton or it will cost you your brand and business.

I am always trying to find innovative ways to highlight what I do, as I find it is hard to put into clear focused text. If you have any new suggestions or a proven roadmap please share with us!

Photo Credit:”Typing Stock Photo” By patrisyu

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