HerbFrontLet’s Talk About Detroit’s New Cannabis Law Friday

Get all your questions about Detroit’s new cannabis law answered by HerbFront‘s team of experts 12 p.m. Friday, Feb. 26.

The first 30 people to RSVP to nathan  (at) herbfront.com will receive an invitation to the free webinar hosted on WebEx. Find out how the new law could affect your business.

Detroit’s law could limit cannabis-friendly real estate sites to as few as 41 legally zoned parcels. Each time a location is secured, it eliminates all other compliant locations within 1,000 feet, according to Matt Chapdelaine, HerbFront co-founder and CEO.

Chapdelaine will be answering questions in the webinar alongside Alan O’Connell, HerbFront’s director of mapping and zoning, and Nathan Glasnier, director of real estate.

Read more about the new law which goes into effect March 1.

HerbFront, the nation’s first real estate software for cannabis businesses, previously created interactive maps of potential properties in Detroit along with over 140 cities nationwide.

As zoning laws change, HerbFront brings cannabis business owners solutions to comply.

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