Let's Get Social 2018 Group Selfie

Let’s Get Social 2018 Group Selfie

So many wonderful real life encounters that were just so much fun this year at Let’s Get Social 2018, which is what it is all about! Yes, ICSC RECon 2018 is behind us all and we have to get back to work and reflect on the amazing people we have met and the experiences we had, but this Let’s Get Social event keeps on giving.


We have tons of photos and business cards and follow ups and wonderful memories too. Please use our album and our cool frames (portrait or landscape) all you want too! If you want a certain picture put into a frame, please email the picture to us and we will take care of it for you. We do need you to email us the picture as it would be impossible for us to find a photo as they are not tagged or named.

Vegas CRE Team Natalie Wainwright and Dan Palmeri

Vegas CRE Team Natalie Wainwright and Dan Palmeri


For me personally, Let’s Get Social 2018 was a breakthrough event. We took the event to another level with pretty name badges and the most incredible King and Queen of the event stepping up to buy everyone a drink! OMG. Daniel Palmeri and Natalie Wainwright of the VegasCRETeam were the first to offer support and contact me to say, we want to buy everyone a drink. How amazing is that. When Let’s Get Social was conceived, thanks to egging on by David Perlmutter of QuantumListing, it was grassroots. I did not know anyone in Las Vegas and I did try to get some Las Vegas folks to show up, to no avail. Now that I live here, it is like a light bulb got turned on! Dan Palmeri called me and said John Orr said we all need to get together and the rest is history. All of these minds think alike and this year was amazing.

Then we sprinkle in another bright mind, Blake Haggett who DMed me on Twitter and said “Would you help me put together a social media meeting at ICSC at the end of this month!” Of course, I said, yes, join us at Let’s Get Social. So it seems everyone is getting the power of social media and how we can start connecting the dots and bringing our virtual day to day outreach to reality. It all happened on Sunday night.

Star Studded Hosts

Now take all of that like-minded thinking and make it extreme with the best hosts possible who do whatever they can to encourage their colleagues and pals to show up and you have a real winner here in Las Vegas and that is what happened. I have to give a super special shout out to Julie Augustyn for her awesome posts that get people signing up and her generosity in helping defray our photography costs! She is always willing to help and she does an amazing job sharing and promoting the event like crazy and it works! Also, another host who could not attend this year and who we are so grateful to is Kevin Greene and his team at RealMassive. They are always there for us and help promote year after year. They have been with us since the first Let’s Get Social 2016!

But we cannot stress enough that one of our key aspects in promoting the event every year, is our name badges! We tell everyone to call or register and get your name badge which has been so beautifully designed by Lindsey Imperatore of the News Funnel/The Content Funnel and CRETech, and printed with an awesome service called SmartyPass. Then take the talent of Danielle Watson of DealPoint Merrill who does her magic to make frames for the pictures and recommended our amazing photographer Randy! What can I say, but incredible and virtual teamwork all around!

We have the most amazing hosts every year and that list is also growing! In fact, there are rumors a certain incredible guy, who I love so much, initials RS may be a host next year!! We are already counting the days to Let’s Get Social 2019 as a result of that news and we plan to promote 2019 more than you ever knew. I also know another certain host said it will be even bigger in 2019 and his initials are DP!!! So much enthusiasm it is just incredible.

Our amazing hosts:

Let's Get Social 2018 Hosts

Julie, Natalie, Vishu, David, Alan, Michael, Dan, Linda (Jason, Michael, Kateri being photoshopped in. Coming soon.)


Thank you to all of those who have supported this event year after year, like John HarrisonKymn Harp, Howard Kline, Scott Stinson, Michael Lagazo, Greg Patterson, Rod Santomassimo, Paula Dempsey (in spirit) and the newbies, like Faith Hershey, Kateri Osborne, Michael BeckermanMike Lin, Chris Lindholm, Beth Azor, John Orr, Elyse Welch, Dan Palmeri, Natalie Wainwright, Gabriel Gonzalez, Blake Haggett, Marilyn August, Brent Ball, Barry Wolfe, Nick Miner, CCIM, and so many more to name. This blog is in honor of all of you who make up our Let’s Get Social annual event!

Thank you!

Linda Day Harrison and John Harrison



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