LeaseLinks DCF: simplified CRE underwriting

CRE Investment professionals are finally getting some serious tech tools!

LeaseLinks DCF transforms the commercial real estate underwriting process. For years, owners, brokers, lenders, and appraisers have spent countless hours with inefficient systems.

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As founder Eric Johnston notes, “Our founding team worked for a variety of prominent investors. Collectively we had underwritten thousands of properties, worth many billions of dollars. The process was time consuming, and frankly we thought we were doing something wrong. We started talking to our friends throughout the industry, and everyone was essentially doing the same thing; entering assumptions into a cash flow generator, and then pasting the results into Excel.”

Co-founder Christopher Perry III adds “Every time there was a change, the process would repeat itself, so something that should take seconds with modern technology, could take hours. Multiply this by the hundreds, or even thousands, of properties that many firms look at every year, and there’s this tremendous waste of time and resources. We knew there had to be a better way!”

After extensive development and testing, LeaseLinks was born. Models are updated in real time so you can instantly see the impact of a new lease, or changes to market assumptions. Additionally, with all of your data in one place, it’s easy to spot trends and compare underwriting assumptions across properties.

Perry continues, “We understand underwriting and valuation because we spent years on the investment and lending side. Users really notice this when they first start using LeaseLinks – it’s clear to them it was built by CRE pros.”

When Brent Sears, CCIM, SIOR, saw the LeaseLinks demo for the first time his reaction was:

The LeaseLinks team is spot on with its timing of this new DCF product. The collaboration feature is extremely interesting to me, since having a simple and intuitive way to share my underwriting with clients is of the utmost importance. Ease of use is vital to all parties involved. ~Brent W. Sears, CCIM, SIOR

If your team provides capital market services, that include the valuation of properties, you need to check this out!

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