Bob Wehrmeyer is a Texas attorney, experienced commercial real estate developer and adjunct professor at the University of Texas in San Antonio, who knows how to develop commercial real estate. Everything in Texas is big and Bob did it big with his book “The Complete Guide to Developing Commercial Real Estate, The Who, What, Where, Why and How Principles of Developing Commercial Real Estate”, selected by REONOMY BLOG as the best book for Real Estate Developers.

Bob and his development team know a thing or two about developing as one of Bob’s projects was selected as the Office Building of the Year in San Antonio, Texas. So Bob decided he needed to write a book,(he actually has written three books on developing commercial real estate) as it was his passion to share the legacy of his knowledge with others. He knew he had the formula for success and he is well aware of the thousands of people who attempt and fail. It was Bob’s mission to change all that and deliver the step by step methods that anyone could follow and assume the process that Bob and his team have used for years.

How does a landowner, real estate professional, entrepreneur or developer build and own a hotel, retail center, apartment complex or office building?

How does someone convert an idea or vision into a successful real estate development?

This book explores not only the how but the, who, what, where and why principles of how to develop commercial real estate. It guides the reader through a simple step by step process. It leads the developer to ask and answer all the important questions needed to be asked and answered to purchase the land and get a new CRE development project financed, built, leased, managed and open for business.

On top of Bob’s book and writing success he has also developed courseware on the subject and it is available through Thinkific and Top Hat-two leading learning management systems.

If you are passionate about commercial real estate and think you want to get a deeper understanding of the development of commercial real estate or want to learn more, check out the book or pursue the courses and programs being offered by Bob.

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