Welcome to the new tBL blog platform and look! We are so excited to make this change and we hope you enjoy it.

Believe it or not, the roots of our project started out on WordPress and now we return to our roots! I guess so much can be said about our decision. To us, WordPress rocks. BAM! (Matthew Smith of REA Inc., always says rocks and BAM and it just makes me smile!)  I learned the hard way that WordPress is like Excel and I am going to tell you why I think it rocks.


When the idea of creating a giant list of everyone in commercial real estate (cre) started, it was just a simple idea that it made sense to create such a list. Why not be able to find our colleagues. People we have known over the years or did a deal with? How about former co-workers we have lost track of? Or sourcing a partner for a deal in a new market or finding a property manager for a client who is expanding their portfolio? Sending a message to the entire local chapter of your favorite real estate organization! No matter what the reason, finding each other should be much easier. That is the purpose of theBrokerList.

Now, back to our story..

Our site started on a WordPress site and evolved into something much bigger. It just needed to. We were getting great feedback and felt for many reasons, we needed to create a platform to accommodate the potential growth and need for the concept of this giant cre list. For so many reasons, we moved from WordPress to a Ruby on Rails site, hosted at Amazon. At that time, we felt, we should try a new and fresh approach to our blog aspect. We decided to try Tumblr. Yes, we heard there were issues, but being in technology, we felt issues would be worked out over time and Tumblr might turn out to be the next great blog platform. Well in many ways it is a great platform, but for our  needs and the needs of our guest blog writers, it was not so much of a good idea.
WordpressWe are now back on WordPress and so very excited about this move. As those who may blog or have a website, might know, moving a website is very painful and takes an incredible amount of work and time.

For the last several weeks our team has been doing that. There are many moving parts to consider and issues to resolve with respect to URL links, redirects and SEO issues. Also there are design elements, subscription forms and many other plugins and widgets to tweak!

I am personally so glad to have experienced all of this. I love to learn and this was a great learning experience. Now I feel so confident in telling all of you: Start on WordPress first! WordPress is like using Microsoft Excel! It is absolutely the standard. If you stray and feel like you want to dabble, great, but if you plan on creating a website for your company or you are just going to blog for your own image and brand, use WordPress.

Microsoft Excel

If you absolutely could care less and just want a hobby site or have no interest in SEO or anything profound, use Tumblr. For free and easy, please consider Tumblr, but for a robust, enterprise quality platform, start with WordPress. Even if you are a tiny, one-person entity, start with WordPress. Why? Because from there, everything else works and flows and exports and imports and all of the critical stuff you need to move your content around. Basically, it is a database. Just like moving lists of data from Excel to Argus, for instance. WordPress is Excel!

For business, WordPress is the way to go, that is for sure.

Right now and because we are still a small, indy site, we are going to archive all of our blog posts before today and allow those posts to remain on Tumblr. Maybe over time we will migrate the posts to WordPress. For now, we will wait and see. We have tried a variety of methods and tests to migrate the posts to WordPress, but we are not happy with any of the outcomes to date. With as many posts as we have, it seems archiving past posts on Tumblr is the way to go. Remember, WordPress is like Excel, but Tumblr is NOT.

The plan is to reference our move at the top of our pages for those who wish to go back. Our tBL Bloggers will now be provided with their very own user name and log in credentials going forward. This means each blogger will be able to submit their own blog for review and final approval as well.

It is our goal to build a great content site for commercial real estate and give our most frequent commercial real estate colleagues a way to post their news, stories, events directly. We are very excited about our move and we look forward to your feedback on this new plan.

There will be some moving pains, so bear with us.

Thanks so much for being such loyal supporters of theBrokerList. Your support is so greatly appreciated.

Now go get yourself a WordPress blog. If you need help, just call as we are dabbling in the area of building commercial real estate wordpress themes and sites, as well as helping folks get on board with WordPress. Technology initiatives such as that help us generate income to support the overhead of theBrokerList.  We want to recognize a few pioneers who we have helped to date and give a huge thanks to: Lance Langenhoven, theIndustrialProfessionals and Oklahoma CCIM Chapter, for being a couple of our brave souls who asked us to help them out with their WordPress projects. We are so grateful to them for their support.


~theBrokerList Team

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