Keeping Up With Real EstateOn May 3 2018 I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to a radio show hosted by 2 of our valued members of theBrokerList, Natalie Wainwright and Anthony Keep of the Keeping Up With Real Estate Show with Anthony Keep and Natalie Wainwright. The show is on KSHP AM 1400 and can be listened to live locally in Las Vegas every Thursday at 10 am PST via this link or through iHeart Radio syndication here.

It goes to show you the amazing members we have on theBrokerList. I am so very proud of all of our members and just love to showcase all that they are doing. Natalie and Tony are really making a mark for themselves in the radio world with their fabulous show in Las Vegas and I am especially proud of this team and all that they are doing to elevate awareness of the happenings in the Las Vegas real estate market.

This is an excerpt from the show which is the segment where I talk about theBrokerList, the history and the reasons I started this amazing community. The full show can be found here and features a local reporter from the Las Vegas Review Journal, Eli Segall, who talks about the state of Las Vegas Real Estate.

Being on a live radio show was truly an experience. I enjoyed being behind the scenes with the equipment and the sound engineer, Stevie, and watching Natalie and Tony in action. They both are such professionals and really care about the shows they produce. It takes a lot of work and dedication to put a weekly radio show like this together and it shows. They take pictures before and after the show and make sure the guests are ready and educated on the do’s and don’ts of live radio. I really had a blast doing the show with them and I hope you enjoy listening to this excerpt.

BTW, this is the first episode of my new theBrokerList Podcast series too! I am going to give it a try, thanks to my podcast coach and friend Howard Kline. Howard has been giving me one-on-one podcast training and I am truly grateful to him for this help and mentorship. Hope you enjoy the show.




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