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When we first heard about the REA Mini-series, our favorite Mini-me came to mind and being the huge Austin Powers fans, we just could not resist! Now on to the important stuff!

Making the decision to purchase or subscribe to a CRE CRM can be a big decision. The decision however, is not really about the money or the monthly fee, but it is about what you can really get out of it. Well REA is passionate about letting folks see behind the curtain to learn what really goes into building your first CRE CRM system.

The best way they find to show folks, is to really show them how it works. REA has developed these expert sessions that are only less than 15 minutes in duration. It is well worth your time to spend at least 15 minutes on any one of these great webinars to learn more and to find out what really goes into a good CRE CRM system.

As you can see the sessions take you through the A to Z of setting things up. Whether you are an REA customer or not, does not matter. Jump on a webinar and listen and learn. Just click any of the below sessions to learn more about why so many commercial real estate sales professionals use a CRM.

Wednesday, July 31 – Session 1: Adding Contacts

Friday, August 2 – Session 2: Adding Properties

Monday, August 5 – Session 3: Performing queries

Wednesday, August 7 – Session 4: Groups

Friday, August 9 – Session 5: Generating Reports

Monday, August 12 – Session 6: Mail Merging

Wednesday, August 14 – Session 7: Projects

Friday, August 16 – Session 8: Tips and Tricks

Monday, August 19 – Session 9: 10 Best Practices using REA

Tuesday, August 6 – Special Session: Using REA for Cold Calling with REA National Sales director, Matthew Smith

Thursday, August 15 – Special Session: REAConnect with REA Founder and President, Tim Creagh

This is so easy, even Mini-me can do it, so you should too! Check it out, there is only one sign up for all the webinars! So just click any one and you are set up!

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