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How to Use Linkedin for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Since moving to Las Vegas I have been going out of my way to meet new people, both in technology and the commercial real estate industry. I am finding it to be absolutely amazing and exciting thanks to organizations like CREW Las Vegas, CALV and sites such as I have lived in Chicago my entire life and never lived anywhere else. Meeting new people was not something I thought about much, until I moved here. Being a part of an online community, like theBrokerList, it is way easier than I thought it would be! So huge shout outs to Natalie Wainwright, Dan Palmeri, Danielle Watson, Hayim Mizrachi, Joselynn Martinez, Kitty Lusby, Kenny Eliason , Manny Costa, Andrew DiMino and so many more who have made me feel so welcome to my new city, Las Vegas!

One of the most awesome ways I have been able to meet people, besides attending CREW Las Vegas lunches and CALV social gatherings, is through I was fortunate to cross paths with Marilyn August who left a comment on a Meetup forum for the Las Vegas Social Media Meetup, hosted by NeOn Brand. We exchanged a few phone calls and then finally met in real life this week.

Marilyn is a Linkedin consultant and helps people craft the right message for their Linkedin profiles and she knows the ins and outs of using Linkedin on a very serious level. Marilyn believes in Linkedin and its power. So I asked Marilyn if she would work with me to give our members some great insight to help make their Linkedin experience more financially beneficial and not just about having your picture and name on Linkedin, but crafting the right messages and using Linkedin most effectively.

If you wish to listen to the entire interview, click the below link.


Or see the below brief overview of our interview Q & A. Gain insights into the amazing power of Linkedin.

Get New Referral Partners Everyday: The LinkedIn Way

  1. Why should commercial real estate professionals bother with LinkedIn?
    Because all of their customers are there and use Linkedin everyday. If a potential client is checking you out, they are using Google and Linkedin.
  2. How is LinkedIn different than other social media?
    Linkedin is an active site and is now owned by Microsoft. Microsoft is doing some amazing things to improve the effectiveness of Linkedin for enterprise level sales.
  3. How do I make time in my busy day for LinkedIn?
    Compare spending 45 minutes driving to visit 1 client. Instead of that, spend 45 minutes a day doing outreach on Linkedin. You can meet 10-15 people rather than a single person.
  4. What should I do with connection requests from people I don’t know?
    Depending on your business model, you can accept all requests or not. If you are US based, perhaps only accept US members, or if you only want a certain industry, select that segment. If someone follows you with a “skinny profile” then do not waste your time on people who do not have the ability to fill in their profile.
  5. What do you mean by “get new referral partners every day: the Linkedin Way”
    Depending on what segment of commercial real estate you are in, look for those who can refer business to you that are not competitors. Accountants, lawyers, title companies, etc. Find business models that need to refer their clients to high quality resources and you reciprocate as well.
  6. What should my LinkedIn profile include?
    At a minimum, a good photo, succinct summary that tells a person what you do now (not a resume) and contact information, including your phone number.
  7. Where do I put my contact info or do I put my contact info?
    It is vital that people have a way to contact you. The phone number is the most universal means, but emails or Twitter or whatever way you want people to reach you is ideal. In Linkedin there is a Contact section. View your profile and to the right side there is a “Contact and Personal Info” section you can edit. Click the pencil icon to open.
  8. What should I avoid posting on LinkedIn?
    Do not post anything that is not relevant to your business and your professional brand. Get away from cute, Facebook like content and focus on giving yourself credibility for your expert area. Find sources of good content or create your own.
  9. I don’t have time to write a blog but I need to post content. What should I do?
    Sharing other content with your take on it. For instance, a blog or article you read, give your opinion and share the link so other people can weigh in. Another great topic to share is your personal experience. What happened in your day that would be a business lesson or a great pointer to a newbie.
  10. What are three LinkedIn turn-offs?
    Spam/auto emails to people, selling, incomplete profiles.

Improve YOUR Linkedin Profile

Marilyn is extending an amazing invitation to our members to get a FREE Linkedin Profile review! That is her gift to us for letting her share her expertise here, which helps her brand. So click the below link button to get your FREE Linkedin Strategy Review Session. Please be sure to tell her theBrokerList sent you. We do not benefit from this financially in any way, but I want her to know who you are and to take care of our people!!

Marilyn August

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Marilyn August, Profit GPS LinkedIn Expert and Business Development Adviser

Marilyn is a money attracting expert. For more than 15 years her breakthrough sales and marketing strategies have shown sales and business professionals how to close more deals and make more money.

As a former Business Consultant for the Small Business Development Center (SBA) she’s helped countless small and medium sized businesses identify their strengths, recognize their weakness, develop sales accelerator opportunities and banish growth revenue stumbling blocks.

Over the last 4 years, Marilyn developed her LinkedIn social selling expertise when she discovered a golden 21st century opportunity to build a network of on-line referral partners that gets “results you take to the bank.”

Marilyn’s LinkedIn seminar is a no fluff, down-to-earth focus on a system that can and does generate new business referrals. Well worth learning how to use the LinkedIn search engine to target referral partners.

~Debbie Isaacs, Regional Vice President, Catalyst Lending

Marilyn is customizing my LinkedIn presence so I can attract my Ideal Client. She’s hands-on teaching me how to use LinkedIn effectively to grow my business connections and present my brand to potential clients. I feel working with Marilyn, the sky’s the limit.

~Stephanie Salt, JD, Salt Consulting Group


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