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Everyone loves announcing that they’ve closed a deal. It’s the time you get to tell your peers, the market, and prospects that you’re someone who can navigate―and more importantly, execute―the complexities of commercial real estate. It represents months of relationship building, acute and timely analysis, and persistence.

But what about a deal announcement that’s not your own? While nice (perhaps) to cheers your fellow brokers on their success, it’s nicer to see how you can leverage the news to further your deals―or create new ones.

Every deal is made up of a whole host of elements that you need to explore. These details and connections could mean the start of a new opportunity, or they could provide the impetus to kickstart an existing one. Think of it as the CRE butterfly effect.

Here’s how it works.

Apto Seize the Deal Infographic_FINAL_4.12.17_reduced-01.png

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