The timing was perfect, we just announced CompStak, as one of our newest Marketplace Partners to our awesome line-up of already existing CRE apps, SaaS products, service providers and companies, when we got a nudge from Twitter to update to the new Twitter Profile Page format. We did not know what to expect, but we were surprised and thrilled to see the new Pinned Tweets feature!



Now if we post a tweet that we want to STICK at the top of our profile, we can do it. If you have not tried the new feature, you will now be able to add a more enahnced profile image, plus a header image. Once done, you can see the full screen view of your profile and you can click on any Tweet and select “Pin to Your Profile” page! So in our case, we want to feature a new Marketplace Partner, but in the case of a CRE leasing agent, manager or broker, you can feature a property or new broker on your team. The ideas are endless. Or if you are using YouTube, you can share a tweet about a property video you just posted!


Hope you check it out! Also, a huge shout-out to CompStak who we are so proud to welcome as our newest Marketplace Parnter. More exciting news to follow this, but we could not wait to share the new Twitter features with all of our Tweeps!

How do you think you can use this new “Pinned Tweets” feature for CRE?

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