This post will walk you through the trick of making an online image, that when clicked, will take your reader where you want it to go. This will make more sense to you when you visit your Control Panel and click on Promote Your Profile!

Below is what the html code looks like. This is your template to be used over and over again for every image you wish to be inserted into any html document or web page or blog or whatever. Below that EXAMPLE HTML CODE, is a step by step in how to use this HTML CODE. Within theBrokerList, inside your Control Panel, we have set it up for you so it is done already. Just select the icon size image you prefer and paste that code into the html document or blog you wish to use to promote your profile. Or you can copy and paste the icon and simply insert a hyperlink using your customer URL.


<a href=”“><img src=”” width=”32” height=”32” border=”0” alt=”View Linda Day Harrison profile on“></a>


First part – This first URL is WHERE the image will take the reader. Simple. If they click on your picture or icon or property photo, it will go this this page.

Second part –” width=”32” height=”32” border=”0” alt=”View Linda Day Harrison profile on This second part URL is WHERE the image actually lives or where it is stored. For instance, for our site, we store the image for you. You can see the URL path is meaningless to you. Now if you had a blog, for instance, you would have a folder called images/mypicture. So in that case you can store the photo there.

Third part – Leave this exact pattern of code. Do not change it, except to insert your URL path. Leave the <a href= at the front of the path and leave the ></a> at the end of the path. If you change it, the link will not work.

Fourth part – Here is what it might look like for your blog. “View Property Photo Listings Here” at

We are going to do a support snippet video for this as well, so stay tuned. If you ever have any questions about technology or need anything, just ask. We are all in this together and need our industry to embrace this power.


~theBrokerList Team

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