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In commercial real estate, the Retail asset type is one of the most wide-spanning property categories by definition. Generally speaking, retail property is any location where an exchange of goods or services takes place.

From bars and restaurants, to car washes, laundromats, automotive repair shops, supermarkets, gas stations, bowling alleys, department stores, convenience stores and on… In commercial real estate, all of these property types are considered retail properties. To say the least, there is a lot of variety.

Because of this, finding the right property search tool can become a bit of a search on its own. Due to the amount of property sub-types and the varying levels of search granularity available, the most important thing for any property buyer to know is simply where to search.

Retail Property for Sale Listings

Knowing that, we’re going to take a look at the best search platforms across all levels of granularity.

First, we’ll take a look at a number of different retail property types and the listings platforms you can use to find listings for them. Then, we’ll dive into broader commercial property listings platforms that you can use as all-in-one retail search tools, to find virtually any type of retail property for sale, in any market nationwide.

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Specialized Retail Property Listings:

All-in-One Retail Property Listings:

Specialized Retail Property Listings

The following listings platforms are the best places to go when searching for specific types of retail space for sale. Most of the platforms included are for business listings, but often include ways to search for real estate as well.

Business listings platforms can be very useful when searching for commercial property for sale, they may simply provide you with different pieces of information than that of a real estate listings platforms. Below, see the best search platforms across various retail property types:

Gas Station for Sale


While NRC does include listings for industrial properties, offices, vacant land, residential, and hotels for sale, they are few and far between. The site is best used when looking for a gas station for sale.

NRC Gas Station for Sale

Upon visiting their site, you’ll see that their homepage is a list of gas stations for sale – which, right off the bat, shows where they believe their own expertise lies. You can run a property search on NRC and dig through over 700 gas station listings nationwide.

Gas Stations USA

Gas Stations USA is perhaps the most specialized site on our list. It is a listings platform specifically for gas stations for sale in the state of Florida.

Gas Stations USA Gas Station for Sale

When searching through listings, you can sort properties specifically within North, Central, or South Florida. There are not many filters other than that, given the specificity of the entire website. Still, there are a high number of listings to sort through.

Laundromat for Sale claims to be “the world’s largest marketplace of 74,614 businesses for sale.” Their unique search tool lets users search with more natural language, at least when compared to other listings platforms. Laundromat for Sale

When searching on, you can simply a specific retail type, along with a location, all in plain language. For example, to find a laundromat for sale, you could simply search “laundromat in Orlando.” also offers extensive search options for other types of retail and commercial property for sale.

Restaurants for Sale

Tower Brokerage

Tower Brokerage is a New York-centric real estate firm focused on residential and commercial properties for sale and for lease. The specific commercial properties that they focus on, however, are bars, restaurants, lounges, and storefront retail.

Tower Brokerage Restaurants for Sale

There are more sites available to property buyers looking for restaurants for sale than there are for many other retail types. While Tower Brokerage is a great local example of a retail listings platform, other business listings sites like BizBuySell, BizQuest, and are great for searching restaurants for sale all over the country.

Bar for Sale

BusinessBroker.Net is another platform specifically for business listings, and is one of the best options for property buyers searching for a bar for sale. While the site has many filters specifically for retail, there are also many other filters that apply directly to commercial real estate. Bar for Sale

Other than bars, the site can also be used to find restaurants for sale, hotels for sale, a car wash for sale, and many, many other business and property types for sale.

Car Wash for Sale is a listings platform specifically for those looking for a car wash for sale in the U.S., and nothing else – a stance that they remain firm on. In fact, on their website, they explicitly state, “ All we sell are car washes!!!! We don’t do residential real estate, we don’t do any other types of Commercial Real estate. We stick to what we know!”

The site is for buyers, sellers, and car wash job seekers. On, you can find car wash for sale listings in any state in the U.S. Car Wash for Sale

Liquor Store for Sale


BizQuest is also a business-for-sale platform, letting you search through a multitude of retail properties for sale. Instead of choosing a “property type,” on this site, you instead choose an industry. Under the commercial real estate definition of retail, many of the industry filters apply as retail properties.

BizQuest Liquor Store for Sale

This site is great, however, for property investors looking for a liquor store for sale. In fact, BizQuest is a great search platform for food and beverage industry listings overall.

Under the Food and Beverage industry option, you’ll find a search filter specifically for liquor stores.

Convenience Store for Sale


BizBuySell is a business listings platform for those looking to purchase businesses, real estate, or a franchise.

What makes BizBuySell so useful for retail property searches is the separation of retail and real estate filters. Under the Retail tab, you can search for a convenience store for sale, as well as many other store types, such as bike shops, flower shops, dollar stores, pharmacies, jewelry stores, and more.

There is an entirely different filter, however, specifically for real estate. Under the Real Estate tab, you can search for property that is for lease or for sale.

BizBuySell Convenience Store for Sale

Combine these filters to search for a convenience store for sale in any location nationwide.

Bowling Alley for Sale


GlobalBX is a listings platform that makes searching for entertainment-based retail extremely easy. So, if you’re searching for a bowling alley for sale, for example, GlobalBX is certainly a website to consider.

They also make it easy to find casinos, amusement parks, and other non-retail entertainment-based properties for sale.

GlobalBX Bowling Alley for Sale

Commercial/General Property Listings

All of the following platforms can be used to search generally for commercial real estate, including various types of retail property in virtually every U.S. market. These are property-first platforms. These platforms are your all-retail-in-one search tools.

LoopNet Retail Properties

LoopNet has roughly 500,000 commercial listings available on their site, many of which are retail properties. To search for retail property on LoopNet, simply choose Retail on the homepage, add a location, and click “Search.”

LoopNet retail property for sale

Once you have entered the platform, you can further filter your search by specific types of retail, including banks, daycares, drug stores, convenience stores, restaurants and bars, gas stations, storefronts, and more.

CityFeet Retail Properties

CityFeet is a New York-focused commercial property listings platform owned by LoopNet. On their site, you can search for many different asset types, including but not limited to retail. You can search for retail property for sale, for lease, or for short-term use.

Similar to LoopNet, once you enter CityFeet’s search platform, you can further break down your search by adding retail sub-type filters for convenience stores, restaurants and bars, automobile retail, storefront, and more.

CityFeet Retail Property for Sale

CREXi Retail Properties

CREXi is a platform with commercial listings across virtually all asset classes. To search for retail properties of any kind, simply add the Retail filter to your search. While CREXi does not offer property sub-type filters like other platforms, they make up for it with a bevy of other building-level, lease, and sale-related filters.

CREXi retail property for sale

Commercial Cafe Retail Space

Commercial Cafe requires users to first enter a location before running a full-fledged property search. Once you’ve entered a location on their homepage, however, you’ll enter their search platform, where you can then add the Retail property filter.

The site currently has over 90,000 retail space listings across the U.S.

Commercial Cafe Retail Property for sale

Catylist Retail-Commercial Properties

Catylist offers a great deal of property type and sub-type filters across more than 40 markets in the U.S.

Catylist retail property for sale

After entering a location on the homepage, you’ll be taken to their search platform, where you can add property type filters. You can simply search for Retail-Commercial properties, or further filter to car washes, convenience stores, daycares, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, gas stations, garden centers, and more.

Brevitas Retail Properties

Brevitas let’s you search both private and on-market listings for dozens of different types of commercial property for sale – including many sub-types of retail properties for sale.

Brevitas retail property for sale

On Brevitas, retail sub-types include car dealerships, grocery stores, post offices, community centers, and more. The site also allows you to search for certain building-level measurements and price ranges.

Rofo Retail Space

Rofo is a commercial real estate listings platform that lets you search generally for retail properties for sale across virtually any U.S. market. You can begin your search with a zip code, or by choosing from a long list of Rofo’s most popular markets.

From there, under Space Type, you can add a filter specifically for retail properties.

Showcase Retail Property

Showcase is a commercial search engine owned by the CoStar Group. With two separate platforms, you can use the site to search for retail properties for sale or for lease in the U.S. or the U.K.

Showcase retail property for sale

CIMLS Retail Properties

CIMLS is a commercial real estate listings service that lets you search for commercial property for sale or for lease across all 50 states, and across more than 20 property types.

CIMLS retail property for sale

Listed first in their line of property types to search by is Retail. You can search the site generally for retail properties, while also adding filters for location and price.

Leavitt Digital Retail Properties

Leavitt Digital is a “Commercial Real Estate Listing Distribution Platform,” using over 900 news websites to help both brokers and owners improve the reach of their property for sale listings.

Leavitt Digital retail property for sale

Among many searchable property types, Leavitt Digital allows you to search for retail properties for sale and for lease, while adding other filters such as lot size, and square footage.

Ten-X Retail Properties

Ten-X is a commercial and residential listings platform that includes retail properties across the entire United States. Ten-X lets you search, list, and transact properties, all online, all on their site. With that, there are many property listings for you to dig through to find retail properties.

Find Retail Property Off-Market

The most broad way to search, however, is off-market.

While there are plenty of on-market listings platforms that you can use to search for retail and other commercial property for sale in the U.S., it’s most important to also harness the benefits of searching off-market.

An off-market search can be done entirely on its own, or alongside an on-market search. It is the only true way to gain a full and deep understanding of your desired market. Searching off-market also lets you avoid brokers (and therefore broker fees), and the competition of other on-market retail property buyers. There are essentially no limits to an off-market property search, making it essential to use, at the very least, to inform better on-market decisions.

All of the aforementioned listings platforms are great for finding retail properties for sale, it’s simply a matter of your specific commercial real estate retail needs.

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