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In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has had a profound effect on the commercial real estate industry. While most of us have grown accustomed to the effects that companies like Amazon have on the retail industry, the effects of e-commerce on commercial real estate go well-beyond just retailers and retail properties.

Perhaps the best proof of this is the positive effect Amazon distribution centers have had on the overall commercial real estate market in various cities.

The real estate needed to support the growing e-commerce industry has led to a heightened demand for warehouse and industrial properties. And with that, the process of searching for and finding a warehouse for sale is becoming a bit more strenuous for property buyers, as well.

By searching for warehouses off-market and using the right listings platforms, however, an industrial property search can still be done with ease – it’s simply a matter of knowing which platforms to use.

Find Warehouses Off-Market

Demand currently outpaces supply for industrial properties in the U.S., leaving hopeful buyers with a limited amount of commercial property for sale to search through. That is never the case with an off-market property search, however.

By searching for warehouses off-market, you can avoid brokers, and therefore broker fees, while also avoiding the competition of other buyers on the market. More so, you’ll never be limited only to the properties listed for sale.

An off-market search gives you access to the entire commercial real estate market, and at the very least, can be used to inform better transactional decisions, whether they happen on the market or not.

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Warehouse for Sale Listings

When searching for a warehouse for sale, there are a bevy of on-market listings platforms that you can choose from to fuel your search. Based on your location, or the specific type of warehouse you’re looking for, the platform you need may vary. Below, however, are a range of listings platforms to consider when searching for a warehouse for sale online:

LoopNet Warehouses for Sale

LoopNet is perhaps the most extensive listings platform overall, and can be used when searching for a multitude of different property types. The site’s 5 million current users can search among Industrial, Retail, Multi Family, Office, Healthcare, Land for sale, and much more.

To search for warehouse properties, begin your search by adding the filter for Industrial properties.

LoopNet Warehouse for Sale

Catylist Warehouse/Distribution Properties

Catylist is a commercial real estate platform with listings in over 40 markets across the United States.

Catylist Warehouse for Sale

The site has extensive property type filters available to its users, including a wide breakdown of industrial property filters. Catylist lets you search specifically for warehouse properties by adding the Warehouse/Distribution filter to your search.

Catylist Warehouse Property Search

CityFeet Industrial/Flex Properties for Sale

CityFeet is a listings platform owned by LoopNet, with a more targeted focus on commercial properties in New York City, opposed to LoopNet’s wide-spanning coverage of the entire country.

CityFeet Warehouse for Sale

On their homepage, you can search among commercial property for sale, for lease, or for short-term use. To find a warehouse for sale, you need to use the filter for Industrial/Flex properties. Then, within CityFeet’s search page, you can further breakdown the usage type of your industrial property with options like Flex, Distribution, Manufacturing, Research and Development, and more.

CIMLS Industrial Properties

CIMLS is another nationwide commercial listings platform. To start your search on this platform, you must first enter a location by itself and click “Search.”

CIMLS Industrial Properties for Sale

Once you do so, you’ll be brought to a more extensive search page, where you can search for a multitude of different property types. To find warehouse for sale, search for industrial properties.

CREXi Industrial Properties

CREXi is another listings platform that allows you to search through virtually any type of property for sale. To find warehouse properties for sale, you can begin your search by choosing the Industrial property type, then entering a location.

CREXi Industrial Properties for Sale

Even though you cannot filter the property type beyond Industrial, there are many other filters on CREXi that allow you to narrow your search down to properties with very granular specs.

Showcase Industrial Properties

Showcase is a property listings website that has both a U.S. and U.K. search platform. Similar to many of the aforementioned homepages, when searching in either platform on Showcase, you can begin your search by adding a location and property type filters. You can also choose whether you’re searching for lease or for sale, as well as add sales price and building size ranges.

Showcase Industrial Properties for sale

Leavitt Digital Industrial Properties

Even though Leavitt Digital focuses more on the seller-side of property sales, they still have a great deal of property listings across many asset types. To find warehouses for sale, you can search with the filter for industrial properties.

Leavitt Industrial Properties for Sale

Brevitas Warehouses

Brevitas has both on market and “private” listings for users to search through, across a number of different asset types, virtually anywhere in the U.S. This is another site that lets you search specifically for warehouse properties for sale, cutting out the need to search among all industrial properties.

Brevitas Warehouse for Sale

RE/MAX Commercial Industrial Properties

RE/MAX is mostly known for home sales and home sale listings. They do, however, have a commercial-specific integration with LoopNet that allows you to search a platform of almost 3 million properties. Among almost a dozen property types, you can search for industrial properties for sale, for lease, or both, across all 50 states.

RE/MAX can also be used to search internationally for warehouses for sale, through their Global Commercial search platform:

RE/MAX Industrial Property for Sale

JLL Industrial Properties

Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, otherwise known as JLL, is a Chicago-based real estate investment management firm. They have a property search tool on their website that allow you to search through commercial real estate property listings across the entire U.S.

You can search for commercial property for sale or for lease. To find warehouse listings, you need to utilize the filter for industrial properties, and further break down your search from there.

Commercial Cafe Industrial Properties

Commercial Cafe lets users search through real time commercial real estate listings of office space, industrial space, retail space, and more, for sale of for lease. To search for a warehouse for sale in any location, simply add the Industrial filter to your search. From there, you can add other building-level and transactional data filters, as well as search along the map with a few different tools.

Commercial Cafe Industrial Properties for Sale

Rofo Industrial Properties

Rofo is a search platform that lets you search for, “office space, warehouses, retail locations, shared office space, investment property,” among other properties. Notable among the mix is the ability to search for warehouses for sale.

Rofo Industrial Property for Sale

Once you’ve entered Rofo’s search platform, you can search for industrial properties in most U.S. markets, and can also add building size specifics to your search.

CPIX Midwest Warehouse/Distribution Properties

CPIX is a perfect example of a regional property search platform, serving listings for the entire Midwest United States. The platform is owned by Catylist, and therefore presents the same search features and filters as Catylist (see above).

While you are searching only within the Midwest region, you can still enter a custom location, as well as property type and building level filters. On CPIX, you can also search specifically for warehouses, a property subtype of Industrial.

Make Off-Market Data Your Advantage

Whichever platform, or combination of these platforms you decide to use, it’s always most important to take advantage of off-market property information to bolster and hone your search. Off-market data can be used on its own or alongside for sale listings.

All of the above platforms are extremely helpful when diving into your desired market, but the only way to truly get a full and comprehensive understanding of any market, is to incorporate past and present off-market data and trends.

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