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Add Names to Contact List without Typing!


How to add 1,000’s of  add names to your contact list in 24 hours for free

The pain is unbearable.  It feels like sticking needles into my eyes.

It’s a necessary evil if you run a business. Each day, minutes feel like hours, as you slog your way pecking the letters and numbers on your keyboard, just trying to add or update contact information about your prospects and clients.

Sure you can outsource the misery, but first you need to find reliable help, trust someone with access to your data, and pay per contact or by the hour.

How to put your contact management on autopilot.

This is a follow-up to an article I wrote for The Broker List in January 2014. I reviewed  Evercontact and shared the results with my colleagues in the commercial real estate field.

I have been using Evercontact to update my contacts at for the past two years.

Since that time, Evercontact has improved the product and I thought this technology would be just as useful for restaurateurs and businesses both small and large.

What is Evercontact?

Evercontact analyzes email signatures in your incoming email, then registers (and constantly updates) this valuable contact info directly into your address book.

I personally use Gmail and have been using Evercontact with my Gmail account for the past two years.

Evercontact also works with Outlook, Google Apps and Office 365.

Why Use Evercontact?

Save time and money. It does not matter which CRM you use if the data is not entered into your database. Manually entering contacts is a waste of time and money. Evercontact automates this brain-numbing task.


Evercontact is a life saver if you leave your company and want to keep all of your contacts. All of your contacts will be saved in Evercontact. If you have been with the same company for many years, run Flashback to copy up to 5 years worth of contacts.

How does Evercontact Work?

Evercontact captures contacts from your email inbox or any webpage. They offer both a manual process to capture contact information, as well as an automated process that imports all of your new email contacts into your address book.

Email Signatures

Evercontact analyzes email signatures in your incoming email, then saves (and constantly updates) this valuable contact info directly into your address book or CRM.

Evercontact  adds new contacts and updates your existing address book without creating duplicates. Evercontact never erases your existing contacts and you can choose to approve changes before saving. All seamlessly, in the background, securely in the cloud.

Web Pages

Evercontacts chrome plugin automates the process of collecting contact information from any web page.

The Chrome Plugin will allow you to quickly add any contact on the Web directly into your Gmail, Google Apps, Salesforce Zoho or Evernote address book.

It detects contact info found anywhere on a Web page and then allows you to save all of that info directly into the right fields in your address book with one click.

Do you have 1,000’s of old emails and contacts?

Evercontact’s Flashback will automatically enrich your address book with all of those missing or forgotten contacts, and all of this with no effort on your part just by analyzing your past email exchanges.

Flashback automatically detects all lost or forgotten contacts in your email archives (1 or 5 year(s) back or 20,000/60,000 emails) depending on your email account.

All those contact details that are missing (email, telephone, address, skype) will be found & updated without any of effort on your part!

Before updating, Flashback compares the info it’s found to your current address book making sure that it updates only the most current info & never deletes any info that you’ve personally added.

Can Evercontact automatically update my CRM?

Most CRM’s have the ability to import contact from Gmail or Outlook. In addition, if your CRM does not currently integrate with Evercontact, you can use a third-part service such as Zapier to automate the process.

Evercontact  Iphone App

The Evercontact app is compatible with your Gmail / Google Apps email.

You have 100% control over what contacts are added to your address book, and can swipe to save contacts.

Is Your Information Secure?

According to Evercontact:

  1. No human has access to the contents of your email.
  2. A computer program receives a copy of your incoming mail. Our detection system looks through your messages to find contact details and then links them to a signature which we then update in your address book.
  3. After this process, the system deletes the working copy of your email within our system, though we do conserve “snippets” of the email signature so we can compare future changes to your contacts’ details.
  4. Our business model is providing you with a high quality service, so we will never sell or use your contact or your contacts’ information in any way.

About Evercontact

Evercontact is the flagship product of Kwaga, an up-and-coming French startup launched in 2009 The company is headquartered in France and offers great customer support. All of my inquiries were handled quickly in English via email.


That’s right! Evercontact has provided a Special offer for my colleagues.


You can also view pricing here. But why not update your contacts at no charge first.

If you decide to try it out let me know what you think.


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