A few of my handy “Rules of Thumb” can help office tenants estimate the square feet they need for their office location.  When office tenants are considering a lease renewal or relocation, tenants should consult with a tenant representation broker to help determine how much space is necessary.  For more on the benefits of a tenant rep broker, read Why Should I retain a Broker to Negotiate My Office Lease?

The standard office is usually based on an estimate of 150 to 200 square feet per person, plus 10% to 15% for flow.  This “Rule of Thumb” assumes a floor plan that is evenly split between open space and private offices/conference room.  Some office users (law firms, medical offices) require more square feet per person because they have additional requirements for the office space (law libraries, multiple conference rooms, oversized reception areas, patient exam rooms).  Other office users can reduce square feet person by utilizing a floor plan that is almost completely open.

Below are additional “Rules of Thumb”:

  • Executive office: 150 to 250 SF
  • Private office: 100 to 150 SF
  • Partitioned open office space: 50 to 100 SF
  • Conference Room: 15 SF per person for theater style seating; 30 SF per person for conventional seating
  • Reception Room: 150 to 250 SF (seating for 2-4 people)
  • Corridors and Circulation: 20-25% of the total usable areas.

If you have additional questions about an office lease renewal or an office relocation, please read Ten Tips for Office Tenants in a Renewal Negotiation and How to Find the Right Office Location in 10 Steps.  You may also contact me at [email protected] or (630) 805-2463.

This article was originally published by Troy Golden in the Oak Brook Office Report.

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