Okay, for instance, I sent a welcome message today to a CCIM colleague, Michael Bull, CCIM of the Commercial Real Estate Radio Show, (America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is a national talk show about commercial real estate) who joined theBrokerList today.


This is how it worked for me today:

  • Step 1 – Click Search Brokers

  • Step 2 – Enter Last name

  • Step 3 – Check Selection and Click Message Checked Brokers

  • Step 4 – Enter Subject and Message Text and Send

Now after the message is sent, theBrokerList system puts the message in a queue. The message is scanned for quality control to filter out spam or inappropriate content. Our goal at theBrokerList is to STOP the garbage and use peer pressure to encourage the use of this automation. It makes communicating with our industry cleaner and easier. Once the scanning is complete, the email is distributed to the intended member or group of members.

After several minutes, the member that sent the email should receive a copy in their inbox and retain that message for future retrieval. For now there will be a delay in processing your message. The good news is that if you contact us within a few moments of sending a message and you have the need to stop the message, send us an email with Stop Message in the subject line. If possible, we can stop it or delete it from the queue. Please be patient as we test this system. At this time we are not set up for online editing or preview, but if we get traction on the messaging feature we can beef it up with more automation. For now it is really super simple and effective. That is our super simple message feature. Enjoy and send us your feedback as often as possible.

Please note that people you email can reply to you and they can see your email, but they cannot see or do “reply all.” It is a private communication between you and the individual recipient. Similar to the CCIM Mailbridge which is familiar to many of us.


theBrokerList Team

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