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Most CRE professionals begin their careers the same way. 

You show up on your first day a little nervous but excited.

And then, someone shows you to your desk and says, 

“Here’s a phone book… Figure it out.”

Some folks figure it out… Most don’t. 

In today’s Massimo Minute, David Gellner shares how he QUICKLY figured it out and became a top producer at only 32 years old. 

Here’s what we cover:

1: How David went from a loud-mouthed kid in a blue-collar family to firefighter to top producer

2: How David managed 12 hour work days when he first got started 

3: A top producer “money mindset”

4: David’s #1 method for gaining clarity on his business  

5: David’s #1 method for growing his GCI

6: David’s #1 prospecting tip

7: How to make social media work for you  

8: How David built his team

9: David’s top 3 tips for anyone interested in CRE


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