Although I still use Word and Excel, whenever possible, I prefer to use Google Docs & Google Sheets.

Check out my favorite features of Google Docs & Google Sheets

  • If another party sends me a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet, and I prefer to work on the document in Google Docs / Sheets, it is super easy to upload the Word / Excel document and convert it to a Google document.
  • It is very easy to collaborate online with coworkers in real-time, right from inside the documents. No more emailing files and having a ton of different versions.
  • Your revision history is saved in the cloud. Thus, if needed, you can roll back to any previous version.
  • Once your file is finished, if you prefer to email it in a Word doc or Excel file, exporting is quick and easy.
  • If you work from more than one computer, you will love the ability to always have access to your Google Docs and Google Sheets which are all cloud-based.

A fun tip to try out

Type in in the url bar, to quickly create a new Google Doc.  Similarly, if you type in a new Google Sheet will be created for you.

Hope you have fun creating Google Docs & Google Sheets,


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