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This is your digital profile. This is your personal URL to be used over and over. Update your bio in seconds. Have your bio connected to all of your online media, content, articles, photo blogs, company website and other listing service portal sites. It is the one online place you can have it all come together.

Maximize and promote your designations or achievements or organization affiliations by checking all the boxes that apply to you on the Affiliation tab. It is simple and easy. When folks search for an SIOR or CPM or CCIM, they can now filter all of us in one place. No more chasing to multiple sites and directories.

This is an opt-in and free service. If you are on theBrokerList you may use the list. If you receive a message from a member and no longer want to receive a message, simply click “block” at the bottom of the email. No nasty messages or hurt feelings. Just a simple block and that member will no longer be able to send messages to you!


Use theBrokerList as your HAVE or WANT of the day resource! We are not a listing database, we are a cre people database! But since we have so many people visting, we added a timeline post feature! Easy and fast, yet powerful and effective. All posts, profiles and company pages lead back to your URL or site, giving you more link backs and powerful traffic generation. Feel free to give your HAVE or WANT of the day a push or not, it is up to you, but do not miss out on giving you or your firm a profile here. Once you do add a profile or a HAVE or WANT, let social media and our visitors carry your message onward and outward through their day too using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn!

Once you join, every visitor to our site can find you and your firm, read your pitch and identify colleagues to communicate with through filters and search. The general public can find you without cumbersome and invasive log ins. It is the age of transparency and we believe as public figures, we need to be out there. It is time for CRE to get “on the grid” and exploit the power of the internet!

Want to ask a group of colleagues a question, or need advice? Simply create an Expert list and send a message. (familiar to CCIM folks Mailbridge tool) Want to send your off-market listing to an that same elite group of folks? Great, hand pick the group and name your custom list Elite CRE and reference this list from time to time.

Today there is tremendous opportunity for our industry if we pull together to create efficiency and collaborative tools. It needs to be a grassroots effort. theBrokerList is the first grassroots effort, developed specifically for our industry! Join us today.

Are you on theBrokerList?

~theBrokerList Team 

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