Get Your Dream Cannabis Business Property Verified

Get Your Dream Cannabis Business Property Verified

If you’ve think you’ve found the perfect location for your medical marijuana dispensary, HerbFront has the tools to help you navigate your local zoning laws.

HerbFront, the first real estate software for the legal cannabis industry, is now offering single property verification reports, ranging from $125 to $500.

HerbFront experts can provide you with a full report on the property, including whether it complies with current zoning laws at the city level and county level.

Find out if the property you’re interested in is within the required distance from schools and other cannabis businesses according to your city and county zoning laws.

HerbFront’s easy-to-read report provides references to state and local law. While these laws are changing rapidly, HerbFront’s reports are based on up-to-date maps of qualifying real estate.

Single property verification reports also include potential next steps for zoning-approved properties. Find out what special permits your potential location may require.

Don’t spend hours digging through state and local code when HerbFront takes care of the hard part for you. Get your dream cannabis business property verified by HerbFront today.

Haven’t found the perfect property yet? Find out what qualifying properties are available in your area with HerbFront subscription services. Click around a map of your city that shows available properties vetted by our experts.

HerbFront’s real estate software makes searching for a location easy. Subscribe today.

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