If you are in sales, you know that generating new sales leads can be difficult. So, what options are available to you to generate sales leads? And how do you know if the prospects you’ve found are actually looking for your products or services?

Whatever industry you are in, and no matter what product or service you offer, we’ve found that the best way to consistently cultivate sales leads is through referrals!

I’m sure you’ve asked your friends and family for referrals already, but that is just scratching the surface of referral marketing.

In this video, Andrew Bermudez, Co-founder and CEO of Digsy AI, discusses the various ways to build and use your referral network to your advantage.

The technique includes finding your ideal customers and deciding who the best people to refer them to you are. You should then establish a referral program. Your referrers are more willing to refer prospects to you if they get a perk.

The referral program to generate sales leads can include:

  • Identifying companies, products or services who share the same customer persona
  • Forging reciprocal partnerships with these companies, products and services
  • Creating an intro package or gift from you for the referral
  • Creating a revenue share deal or perk for the referrer

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  1. After a positive experience, 83% of consumers feel comfortable to make a referral. [Source: Texas Tech University]
  2. Customers say they would give referrals 91% of the time, although sales people only ask for referrals 11% of the time.  [Source: Dale Carnegie]

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