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By Kristine Rushing, CIC, CPIA  |  Beck Partners COO

What does success look like? What is it going to take to succeed? Do I have what it takes?

These are questions that everyone asks themselves several times throughout their life. The meaning of success can also take on different variations depending on the individual who is defining what success looks like to them.

Let’s take a step back and talk about preparing for the journey because in order to succeed, I believe that your personal foundation has to be strong. I mean, it has to be rock solid because the trek to success will require personal sacrifice, grit, tenacity, a greater understanding of your “why” among other things.

In Jim Rohn’s article, “A Good Life Contains These 6 Essentials”, he mentions 6 values that constitute having the foundation of a well-balanced life. These values are Productivity, Good Friends, Your Culture, Spirituality, Experiencing Life or Not Missing Anything and Your Family & Inner Circle. The foundation of a well-balanced life is key to setting yourself up for success.

Often times we may think that we can achieve success alone or that our journey may have to be a lonely one and that’s far from the truth. My family and inner circle are critical to my life. My family, my inner circle which comprises of mentors, advisors, close friends and especially my husband is the bedrock of my foundation. It’s their unwavering support, guidance and encouragement that allows me to have complete laser focus on the journey ahead.

We may often times take these key elements for granted and overlook the importance that it may have on us. Life tends to be filled with ideas, distractions, opportunities and challenges. How are we supposed to make clear decisions when we’re off balance? We do it by intentionally investing in, nurturing and developing each of the values of a well-balanced life that provide us with the clarity what we need on our path to success.

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